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As Rudraksha is a fruit of few special trees, they can also be attacked by various fungal infections which can actually reduce the medicinal and chemical effect of Rudraksha. Many traders stores Rudraksha in cotton clothes, with many other pesticides to secure the surface of Rudraksha. As per GJSPC Laboratory using such kind of pesticides to save the texture,surface are allowed and accepted as natural Rudraksha with natural colour. But if any chemical or chemicals used to protect the surface contamination but also darken the colour or improves the appearance cannot be considered as Naturally Coloured Rudraksha.

Most of the traders use mustard oil, natural colours, and organic colours to darken the surface or colour of Rudraksha, As per GJSPC Laboratory use of only oil to protect the surface is an accepted trade practice, if some coloured oil being used and it darkens the colour of Rudraksha then the following comment will be used to describe the nature of the Rudraksha: 

“Colour of the Rudraksha has been enhanced by Coloured Oil”

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