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Tahitian Pearl
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The Tahitian pearl (or black pearl) is an organic gem formed from the black lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera)
These pearls derive their name from the fact that they are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti.

Tahitian pearls come in a range of colors from white to black. They can contain various undertones 
and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow. The most valuable of these are of the darker variety, 
as the naturally dark tones of the Tahitian pearls is a unique quality among pearls. A true black Tahitian pearl is 
extremely rare, and largely considered one of the most beautiful kinds of pearls in the world. Most Tahitian pearls 
that are identified as “black” are actually charcoal, silver, or dark green. An advantage of the Tahitian pearl is 
that the oyster they grow inside is quite large, sometimes weighing as much as ten pounds. This means that a Tahitian pearl 
can more easily grow to a larger-than-average size.

The cultured Tahitian pearl comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors; shapes include round, semi-round, button, circle, oval, 
teardrop, semi-baroque and baroque.[4] Because of their darker hues, Tahitian pearls are commonly known as "black pearls".
 However, Tahitian pearls have the ability to contain various undertones and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow.
 All (or any combination) of these colors may be seen in a cultured Tahitian pearl. Due to the variety of shapes and colors of the 
Tahitian pearl, it has been known to fit in any jewelry setting.[6] The versatility and mixture of color give it its value.

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