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Nature of Material: star ruby and star sapphire are varieties of the mineral species corundum(ko-RUN-dum); hexagonal(trigonal) crystal system; chemical composition Ab2O3
Appearance: Semitransparent to opaque Star ruby - light to dark red to purple-red Star sapphire most of the colors in which corundum occurs (orange and yellow star sapphires are almost unknown, green is somewhat less rare)
Phenomena: asterism(usually 6 rays, some­ times12)
Trade Names
Black Star Sapphire - the term covers a range of body colors including very dark tones of brown, green, and blue, as well as black.
Typical Size Range: 1 to 10 ct; specimens of several hundred Carats are known
Typical Cutting Styles: cabochons
Optic Character: DR, uniaxial negative; AGG reaction common
Refractive Index: 1.762-1.770 (+.009, -.005)
Birefringence: .008 to .010, usually not obtainable on a cabochon
Pleochroism: usually weak to none depending on transparency; see Ruby, Sapphire, and Fancy Sapphire
Specific Gravity: 4.00 (+ .10, -.05)
Polish Luster: vitreous to sub adamantine
Fracture: conchoidal
Luster: vitreous
Cleavage: none, may show pa11ing on twinned stones

Identifying Characteristics
silk (needle-like rutile arranged in three sets of parallel needles that intersect one another at 60° angles); hexagonal growth lines and color zoning
Hardness: 9
Toughness: excellent, except in repeatedly twinned or fractured stones; black star sapphires and other stones with repeated twinning are prone to parting.

Availability: black star sapphire - plentiful; others - limited
Public Recognition: well-known
Birthstone Designation
Tuesday (star sapphire), Wednesday (star ruby); see also Ruby and Sapphire

Major Sources: Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia; Kampuchea Recommended Disclosures: Inform customers when treatment is detected or is a possibility
The Meaning Of Ruby
Meaning of star ruby & sapphire Known as the "star of purity", "star fire" or "Ruby crystal" is said to promote dreaming and tends to stimulate connection between the self and your spirit guides. Used as a rod-like conductor, it provides the pathway from the user to the electrical and magnetic forces. It assists in purifying, and correcting disoriented energy which leads to atrophy. It helps to align the auric and physical bodies as one. It is an excellent stone for releasing blocks which keep you from a spiritual path. Star Ruby is a stone of great energy, development and protection. It releases negative energy and serves as a tool of empowerment. It helps in the focus of healing energies and chosen pathways

Both stones’ color will work as usual.



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