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Nature of Material: Pyrope (PYE-rope) is a mineral in the garnet group; cubic crystal system; chemical composition Mg3 Al2(SiO4)3  

Appearance: Medium to dark reddish orange, red through slightly purplish red, colorless (rare) Transparent to semi translucent (for very dark stones)

Phenomena: color change (rare) from green to reddish purple (usually such stones are part Pyrope and part spessartite
Variety and Trade Names
Colorado ruby, Cape ruby, Arizona ruby
Typical Size Range: seldom over 2 ct  
Typical Cutting Styles: faceted
Optic Character : SR, often ADR
Refractive Index: 1.714 to over 1.742, 1.74 normal
Birefringence: none
Pleochroism: none, may show color shift due to strong strain
Specific Gravity: 3.78 (+ .09,-.16)
Polish Luster: vitreous
Fracture: conchoidal
Luster: greasy to vitreous
Cleavage: none, may have indistinct parting

Identifying Characteristics
needle-like included crystals and irregular, rounded included crystals

Availability: limited
Public Recognition: very well known, although not by species name
Birthstone Designation
January, Aquarius (approximately Jan. 20 - Feb. 18), 11:00 am, 2nd wedding anniversary 

Major Sources: Australia, Czechoslovakia, Republic of South Africa, US 
Recommended Disclosures: Avoid abrupt temperature changes. 
Comments : Around the turn of the century, commonly fused to a glass base to form garnet and glass doublet imitations.
Healing Properties
Pyrope - blood red due to iron and chromium, it is said to balance productivity and happiness. It is told to bestow vitality and charisma, promoting an excellent quality of life. Pyrope unites the creative forces within oneself for greater inspiration. This stone will protect the base and crown chakras, aligning them with the subtle bodies, thus linking the grounding characteristics of the base and the wisdom of the crown, thus stabilizing the two bodies.


Almandite Star Garnet (Tamra Sitara)
Almandite Star Garnet (Tamra Sitara)
Nature of Material: Almandite (ALL-man-diet) or almandine (ALL-man-deen) is a mineral species in the garnet group; cubic crystal system; chemical composition Fe3Al2(SiO4)3.

Appearance: Transparent to semi-translucent (for very dark stones) reddish orange to red, slightly purplish red to reddish purple; typically dark in tone.

Phenomena: asterism (rare) usually four-rayed but may be six (some stones show both)

Variety and Trade Names
Star Almandite (or star garnet) - usually very dark red or purple, with asterism 

Colorado ruby, Cape ruby carbuncle 
Typical Size Range: melee sizes to 10 ct; faceted stones up to 40 ct are known 
Typical Cutting Styles: faceted, cabochon, beads
Optic Character: SR, often ADR
Refractive Index: 1.790 (±.030)
Birefringence: none Dispersion: .024
Pleochroism: none  
Ultravoilet Fluorescence
Specific Gravity: 4.05 (+.25, -.12) 
Polish Luster: vitreous to sub adamantine 
Fracture: conchoidal 
Luster: greasy to vitreous 
Cleavage: none; may have indistinct parting 

Identifying Characteristics
needle-like inclusions (usually coarse), zircon crystals with strain halos, and irregular, rounded included crystals of low relief 
Enhancements: none known 

Key Separations 
 from ruby and synthetic ruby- RI (possibly), birefringence, optic character, magnification, spectrum, Pleochroism, fluorescence (possibly)
Pyrope - RI, spectrum, SG 
Rhodonite - RI, and/or color 
Spessartite - color, spectrum, RI (possibly) 
Hessonite - color, spectrum, RI 
Malaia - color, RI, spectrum Garnet and glass doublet - magnification, RI on pavilion 
Star Almandite from Star spinel - RI, spectrum, SG (possibly) 
Star ruby - optic character, magnification, Pleochroism (possibly), spectrum, RI (possibly), fluorescence (possibly) 
Synthetic Star ruby - RI, optic character, appearance, magnification, spectrum, Pleochroism, fluorescence (possibly) 
Hardness: 7 to 71/2 
Toughness: fair to good 

Availability: plentiful 
Public Recognition: well-known, but usually not by species name
Birthstone Designation
January, Aquarius (approximate Jan. 20 - Feb. 18), 11:00 am 2nd wedding anniversary 

Major Sources: India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil. 
Others: Greenland, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanza¬nia, US 
Recommended Disclosures: Avoid abrupt temperature changes. 
Comments: Around the turn of the century, commonly fused to a glass base to form garnet and glass doublets. 
Almandine - most common these are usually the ones used in jewellery, it is known to increase productivity, assist in keeping focused and getting things done. If held to the third eye, this stone can access information from past lives. It is a strongly regenerative stone, which brings strength and stamina, it also aids in integrating truth and an affinity with the higher self By opening the higher mind and initiating charity and compassion it brings one closer to oneself. This stone is the base for crown chakras, grounding spiritual energies and channelling those into the physical body, then anchoring the subtle body into physical incarnation. is the stone that opens the pathway bet.
The Meaning Of Garnet

 GARNET - The stone of love and devotion

Chakra: Base Chakra - 1st and 2nd - awakens the Kundalini 
Stone of Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius 
Birthstone: Normally considered a January birthstone, Garnets also work well for those born under the sun signs of Aries, Leo, & Virgo. 
Element: FIRE Vibrates to the number #2
Keywords: Inspires romantic love, passion, stability, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, personal success, career success, social popularity, self confidence, fertility, persistence, stamina, survival, passion, intimacy, power, empowerment, motivation, assertion, ambition, respect, fame, glory, renown and increased productivity.

Metaphysical Properties: Friendship / Fellowship: This stone makes you very attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. Many people new in recovery experience loneliness as they change "People, Places, and Things". Many need to form new friendships and associations. This stone can help attract new friends, who will be attracted to you for who you really are. Isolation: Many people in Recovery have been loners all their life, often isolated and feeling misunderstood. This stone will help to attract like-minded people to you.
Balance. It provides a stable, balanced connection between the physical, the spiritual, and the nervous system. It both monitors and adjusts the flow of energy, providing for a balanced energy field around the physical body, and aligning the emotional, and the intellectual bodies with the perfect vibration of a Higher Power. 
Garnet is the stone of passionate devotion. To your family, your friends, yourself, and your purpose or goals . Garnett will stimulate the senses, and increase your vitality and stamina. Very good for career success, encouraging business relationships by increasing your popularity and stimulating other peoples desire to work with you, especially for women. Helps to become motivated and productive, and attracts good luck in business ventures. The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business and makes a wonderful executive gem, particularly for women. this is a great stone to give your boss, or to give yourself if you would like to advance in your career. Stimulates life force, (and negates stubbornness).
Spiritual: Helps to stabilize the connection between the spiritual and the physical. Brings spirituality to relationships. Helps in the transition from romantic love to a deeper spiritual commitment to each other.
Friendship and Relationships: This stone enhances charisma, making you very emotionally and physically attractive to other people because it brings out all your assets. Sparks Creativity: Enhances and Awakens the "inner fire" of creativity. Can help get the creative juices flowing if they feel "blocked". 

Luck: Garnets are lucky stones: lucky for love, lucky for success, and lucky for goals. 
Business: Helps us become more motivated, productive and achievement oriented. 
Protection: Noted for its powerful protective energy. Carried by ancient soldiers for protection . The stone was set in shields, buckles, and other items worn by Crusaders.

Romantic: A passionate gemstone that inspires love and mutual attraction. Enhances libido (physical desire) as well as balances the wearer's sexual energy (drive). Colors 
A variety of colors, the most popular being red or green. Red The color of physical energy, passion and desire. Red relates to the emotions. Too much and we become agitated, angry, or even violent. Too little and we become lethargic, cautious, and manipulative. 

Careers: Creativity: Artists, Writers, Devoted to Goals: Women Executives, Business women, Researchers, Scientists, Doctors Protection: Warriors, Soldiers, Heath Care Professionals, Policemen, Sheriff, Deputy, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marines, Prison Guards Physical.

Healing Properties:Circulatory system, heart, lungs, and blood. Anemia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, de-toxicant and strengthening blood, exhaustion, inflammation, muscles, kidneys, gallstones. Provides regeneration and balance. Draws negativity away from the chakras. Protection from toxins, depression, anemia and disorder. Negates: Loneliness, isolation, stubbornness 


Garnet (Hessonite) (Gomedh)
Nature of Material: Hessonite (hesso-nite) is a mineral in the garnet group; cubic crystal system; chemical composition MgAl2(SiO4)3  

Appearance: Medium to dark red orangish, red through slightly purplish red, colorless (rare) Transparent to semi translucent (for very dark stones).

Phenomena: color change (rare) from green to reddish purple (usually such stones are part hessonite and part spessartite).
Healing Properties

Adark red gem. The garnet is most often used as a general tonic for the wholesystem - physical, mental and emotional. It is regenerative and revitalizing,strengthening the blood and helping with anemia and circulatory problems.Protects against infection, depression and skin diseases. It brings intoconsciousness the physical powers and is particularly recommended for those whoneed to improve their self-respect and self-confidence, pride and success andto increase their courage when dealing with changes. Improves imagination.Assists in dream work and in past life recall. Increases determination, energyand courage. Attracts love, promotes bonding. 

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