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Rudraksha are the best synonym for Brown colour. The best brown colour is not too dark like chocolate and it is not very light (almost like pale yellow/Brown) it should be more like a polished teak wood colour. Rudraksha also comes in very light and darker tones of yellow to Brown shades but mostly lighter colors are chemically bleached or treated. Rudraksha can also be found in patchy colours like an uneven combination of brown & Yellow,Yellow & very dark Brown, black etc.


GJSPC Laboratory grades Rudraksha colour in 12 tones, all these tones shows the different range of Brown colour and are slightly different from the other to define the most desired Brown colour of Rudraksha.(The same colour can be produced by soaking the Rudraksha in oil hence the same will be described under treatment)


GJSPC Laboratory Colour Grades as:

Rudra G

Rudra H

Rudra I

Rudra J

Rudra K

Rudra L

Rudra M

Rudra N

Rudra O

Rudra P

Rudra Q

Rudra R


Rudra G is the best colour.

Rudra R is the darkest colour (or not desired by market).

To colour grade the Rudraksha, GJSPC Laboratory uses a set of comparison Rudraksha those have been identified and carefully selected by experts to fit in the above described Colour Grades.

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