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Almandine is almost invariably dark in color, and it forms dark red to reddish-brown Garnet gemstones. Almandine is the hardest form of Garnet, and a pure deep red is its most valuable color. Almandine Garnets are occasionally hollowed in their underside to allow more light to enter a stone, giving a cut gemstone a lighter appearance. If the bottom of an Almandine gemstone is covered by a jewelry setting, the only way to easily determine if  it is hollow is by its lighter weight.

Almandine is cut into dark red Garnet gemstones and used in all forms of jewelery, especially rings, earrings, and pendants. Lesser quality Almandine is polished into cabochons and beads for use in bracelets and necklaces. Almandine is also tumbled into smooth irregular stones for jewelry. Very dark or heavily included Almandine garnets are cut and polished into cabochons, and asterism (in the form of a weak four rayed "star") is observable in Almandine garnets from certain localities.
Mozambique Garnet  -  Red Garnet from the African country of Mozambique, which produces fine quality Garnet gemstones. Mozambique Garnet is usually Almandine, but may also be Pyrope.

Star Garnet  -  Form of Almandine Garnet that exhibits asterism in the form of a four-rayed star.
Garnet gemstones are not enhanced, and their colors are always natural.
Although Almandine is common worldwide, gem forms of Almandine are much less prevalent. Sources include India, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S. (Alaska, Idaho, North Carolina, and New York)
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