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Nature of Material: Tiger’s-eye is a variety of the mineral quartz in which the quartz has replaced crocidolite (a form of asbestos) without disturbing the original fibrous structure of the crocidolite; Tiger’s-eye hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system; chemical composition SiO2

Appearance: (includes tiger's-eye and other chatoyant quartz varieties) Semi transparent to opaque tiger's-eye - brownish yellow to brown to reddish brown; other chatoyant varieties Cat’s-eye may be green to greenish yellow and grayish blue
Variety and Trade Names
Variety and Trade Names Tiger’s-eye-semi translucent to opaque, brownish yellow to brown to reddish brown with a typically wavy chatoyancy.

Hawk’s-eye or falcon's-eye-semi translucent to opaque, greyish blue with a typically wavy chatoyancy; also a Hawk’s eye quartz replacement of crocidolite.

Zebra tiger'-eye-tiger's-eye with greyish blue streaks. Cat’s-eye - semitransparent to translucent 'brownish yellow, brownish green to greenish yellow with chatoyancy; needs a cabochon cut to show the eye. Tiger’s eye matrix- Intermediate variety of iron oxide (layers) & hawk’s eye.

cat's-eye-tiger's-eye cabochon (often color-treated) Tiger’s eye matrix- Marra Mamba Tiger-eye, Arizona Tiger-eye.

Misnomers: Crocidolite, petrified wood.
Typical Size Range: 1 - 20 ct; tiger's-eye available in boulder sizes
Typical Cutting Styles: cabochons, cameos, intaglios, tablets, beads, carvings.
Optic Character: AGG, if not opaque; DR reaction possible in cat's-eye
Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553
Birefringence: .009 (often not detectable) S
Pecific Gravity: 2.64 to 2.71
Polish Luster: vitreous
Fracture: splintery to conchoidal (in cat's-eye)
Luster: vitreous to silky
Cleavage: none

Identifying Characteristics
fibrous structure (causes the chatoyancy); the wavy fibrous structure of tiger's-eye and hawk's-eye is usually distinctive.
Hardness: 7
Toughness: good

Availability: tiger's-eye - plentiful; others - limited to scarce
Public Recognition: familiar. Sources: India, Sri Lanka, South Africa
Recommended Disclosures: Advise when treated or treatment is a possibility;
The Meaning Of Tiger Eye
The Meaning Of Tiger Eye

TIGER EYE - The stone of self discipline Excellent grounding stone!

Astrological Sign of Capricorn Keywords: protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, balance, will, courage

Metaphysical Properties: If you need to make some changes in your life, this is the stone for you. Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps one to be practical. Flighty people, people who are easily distracted, adults with ADD or who are Manic/Depressive, immature people, procrastinators, people in emotional turmoil, people in transitional states, (all who are in very great NEED of grounding), tend to shy away from this stone, as it grounds them as soon as they are in its presence. BUT if you feel nervous, anxious, or fearful much of the time, this is a great stone for you. Especially helpful if you're feeling drained or unfocused. Think of the qualities of the Tiger. Patient, focused, determined, alert, with perfect timing and slow, deliberate action. This is Tiger Eyes gift to you. A very strong stone.

MONEY: This stone is best suited to earthy people. It has been used to stimulate wealth and abundance, and to enhance the stability required to maintain wealth and keep it. Creates order out of chaos. Harmony. Associated with the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly and without illusion.
GROUNDING: Will bring calm and serenity from within, without making you feel dull and lifeless.
Color: Most commonly Rich Gold with Earthy Browns, but can be red, cream, blue, black, Only found in South Africa.

Physical Healing Properties: Eyes. Reproductive system. Night vision. Broken bones, heals wounds, bruises, Colon, digestion and stomach problems; alleviates pain General Gemstone Details Chatoyant Quartz as it is also known, there are three varieties of this type of quartz. It is the inclusion of crocidolite (blue asbestos) that causes a cat's eye effect known as chatoyancy. Each stone will display different colors according the exact nature and amount of the inclusions. Grayish yellow, semi translucent appearance of the cat's eye is due to inclusions of crocidolite and , less commonly hornblende, it has quite a silky luster. Tiger's Eye is black with iron oxide staining that gives the yellow and golden brown stripes. Hawk's Eye forms when the crocidolite changes to quartz but the blue-gray or blue-green color of the original material remains. Whew!

Scientific Properties: Moh’s Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure. This quartz composite gemstone begins as a fibrous blue mineral called crocidolite, which is comprised of iron and sodium. The transformation begins as clear quartz becomes imbedded between the fibers of crocidolite, and the completed process will result in one of two gemstones; a blue stone called Hawk’s Eye or the golden brown stone called Tiger’s Eye.
As the gem is created the iron and sodium are completely dissolved, the quartz takes on the fibrous formations as well as the blue color of crocidolite. This creates the parallel lines within the gemstone giving it the liquid luster and light movement the stone is so loved for. Even though the iron and sodium dissolve, traces of hydrated oxide of iron are left behind between the crocidolite and quartz, creating the yellows that are common to both Hawk’s Eye & Tiger Eye.
How much of this mineral is deposited will determine how red, yellow or brown a Tiger Eye will be. The rarer blue Hawk’s Eye will have only the slightest amounts. South Africa is the only place Tiger Eye forms, very near many of the country’s diamond mines. Just outside of Griqua town there are mountains that are made up almost entirely of tiger's eye. At one time tiger's eye was as controlled and costly as diamonds, until two competing traders glutted the market.

Mystical Properties: With its vibrant golden color, tiger-eye is used to increase wealth and vitality. It enhances courage, brings passion and physical strength, and allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clarity and a joyful outlook. As a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money and luck. However it has some powerful spiritual uses as well. The liquid movement of light across the stone makes it an excellent tool for vision or divination work. Historically Tiger Eye has been used in protective medicine. Roman soldiers would wear engraved stones during battle, it is especially helpful against dark magic. A good luck stone, it is also used for discerning the truth in any situation, it can help with understanding of any cycle through which one is living. Healing Properties: Healing eye disorders is one of the most common medicinal uses associated with Tiger eye. It can help slow the flow of energy through the body which makes the gem very helpful in stress related illnesses, but also may create an issue if you do not want to stem your not wear jewelry containing tiger's eye for too many consecutive days. Red tiger's eye is useful in slowing down the third chakra and flushing out excess energy. Tiger's eye in general is an emotional balancer that softens stubbornness and gives clear insight. It will ground and center, thus strengthening the connection with will and personal power.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Powers: Money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination Ruled by the sun and possessing a golden flash of light, this stone is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence. It is a warm stone, and it promotes energy flow through the body when worn. It is quite beneficial to the weak or sick.

Associations: Sun Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month





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