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This is a powerful combination that balances chakras giving you health, self power, protection and abundance in all spheres. Wearer is blessed with Confidence, a high Aura, excellent communication skills, stability, grounding, radiant health, fearlessness and immense bliss.
Students, Teachers, Writers and those engaged in mental work, journalist, Scientist, researchers, Scholars and artist. This Rudraksha is also used for curing diseases of Gall bladder, mental ailments, paralysis and disease of nose. Those engaged in any type of business will also find it useful as it improves knowledge and helps in concentration.
This combination provides relief in digestive disorders, hypertension, back pain, neck/ shoulder pain, sexual problems, Insomnia and heart problems.
2 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 8 mukhi, 10 mukhi, 11 mukhi, 12 mukhi, 14 mukhi, 15 mukhi and 16 mukhi rudraksha are prepared as a mala and a bracelet according to Rudraksha Science Therapy.
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