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Nature of Material: quartz is a mineral species; hexagonal (trigonal) Crystal system; chemical composition SiO2  

Appearance: Transparent to opaque nearly an colors; also see following entries on Amethyst, Citrine, and Tiger’s-Eye 

Phenomena: iridescence, asterism, Aventurescence; also see Tiger-'s-Eye for chatoyant varieties
Variety and Trade Names
ROCK CRYSTAL - transparent colorless 
SMOKY QUARTZ OR CAIRNGORM - transparent light to dark brown; sometimes nearly opaque black (called Marion).
ROSE QUARTZ- semitransparent to translucent pink, often very light in tone.
AVENTURINE QUARTZ - translucent to opaque quartzite showing glittery reflections (aventurescence) from included crystals of another mineral; most aventurine quartz seen in jewelry is green, although it also occurs in gray. and yellow to brown colors 
RUTILATED QUARTZ - see Sagenitic quartz 
SAGENITIC QUARTZ (sometimes called Sagenitic) - general term referring to transparent quartz (usual1y rock crystal) containing eye-visible needle-like inclusions, such as golden rutile, or dark tourmaline or actinolite needles; often specified according to the type of inclusions contained – rutilated quartz, Tourmalinated quartz, for example; fanciful desig-nations like Cupid's darts, fleches d'amour, Venus hair stone, Thetis hair stone, and cat's-fur quartz were also applied to Sagenitic quartz.
GREEN QUARTZ- Praseolite, or "greened amethyst" - transparent green to yellowish green; usually produced by heat treatment (see Enhancements below), though a few natural occurrences of this variety have been found 
TOURMALINATED QUARTZ - see Sagenitic quartz 
CHINESE EMERALD - green dyed rock crystal (QUARTZ).

Herkimer diamond, Arizona diamond, Arkansas diamond, Alaska diamond, Cornish diamond, etc. 
Rock crystal smoky topaz, burnt topaz, Scotch topaz - smoky quartz California lapis - Dumortierite quartz 
Moonstone - semitransparent milky quartz 
Indian jade - green aventurine quartz

Typical Size Range: 1 - 20 ct; faceted stones over 1000 ct are known 
Typical Cutting Styles: faceted, cabochons, carvings, depending on the variety
Optic Character: DR uniaxial positive or AGG (depending on variety)
Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553 (very constant) 
Birefringence: .009 (may not be detectable in aggregate varieties) 
Dispersion: .013 
Specific Gravity: 2.66 (+ .03. -.02) 
Polish Luster: vitreous 
Fracture: conchoidal to uneven or granular (in aggregates) 
Luster: vitreous 
Cleavage: none 
Hardness: 7 
Toughness: good 

Identifying Characteristics
color zoning, twinning, liquid, 2-phase, and 3-phase inclusions, negative crystals, may show bull's-eye or Airy's spiral optic figure. Sagenitic quartz - prominent needle-like inclusions star quartz - contains many tiny inclusions and may have a foil backing to enhance color and star Aventurine quartz - flake or platelet inclusions that cause the aventurescence Dumortierite quartz - strongly pleochroic blue dumortierite inclusions.

Availability: Plentiful to scarce, depending on the variety; quartz is the most common mineral species in the earth's crust. Public Recognition: rock crystal, rose quartz - familiar; smoky quartz - familiar, but frequently confused with topaz; others - unfamiliar 

Birthstone Designation
Birthstone Designation(s): rock crystal - Monday smoky - November, 1:00 am 
Major Source: Brazil. Others: Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, US, USSR 
Recommended Disclosures: Advice when treated or treatment is a possibility.
The Meaning Of Smokey Quartz

SMOKEY QUARTZ - The stone of co-operation A Gentle Grounding Stone

Vibrates to the numbers 2 and 8
Astrological Signs: Capricorn & Sagittarius 
Hardness: 7 

Metaphysical Properties: Smokey Quartz helps to set aside will fulness and headstrong behaviour. Smokey quartz has the ability to transform negative energy, and is particularly effective in dealing with anger and resentments. It is a stone that helps you be right here, in the moment. It clears up communication difficulties, and helps to dissolve mental and emotional blockages that can get in the way of perception or learning.

Calming - Smoky quartz is said to be excellent for alleviating panic attacks, anxiety, and nightmares. Grounding - Help you to be right here, in the moment Transforms negative energy 
Protective: Forms a shield against negative energy around the user 
Regulates: Can be used to regulate creative energy, allowing it to flow smoothly step by step Finances: Helps one to make wise purchases, and mange money effectively Meditation stone evokes effort and makes us able to cope with hard times. Adult ADD - This gemstone's gentle and focusing energy helps to alleviate confusion. Smoky quartz also gently cleanses clutter of the mind to bring focus to task as well as meditation. 
Negativity: This gemstone also neutralizes negative energy as well as helps the wearer manifest dreams. Smokey Quartz stimulates the cooperation of multiple energies toward a common goal. A wonderful stone for relationships, and for people in recovery who are part of a larger group, whether it be work, hobby, a home group, business group, or association. It is a gentle grounding stone that instills balance and harmony, and can help bring peace to you, enhancing quiet reflection during meditation without the interference of the thinking mind. This is not a quick energy stone, like Clear quartz crystal, but it has intense staying power, to carry you over the long haul. Combine Smokey Quartz with Clear Quartz for lots of positive energy towards obtaining your dreams and goals, and to energize them into being a reality. 
Color: From gray to warm brown, light and clear to an almost "solid" looking black/brown. 
Physical - Especially helpful with ailments of the hands and feet. An aid healing in the areas of back problems, dissolves cramps, alleviates pain and fortifies the nerves.


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