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Shree Yantra in Sphatik
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Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras. It is capable of bestowing totality in life. Around the Shree Chakra three boundaries are drawn which are symbolic of the three energies.
Under it is a sixteen petalled lotus inside which is an eight petalled lotus. In it are fourteen triangles that are symbolic of fourteen energies. In it can be clearly seen ten triangles which denote ten symbols of prosperity. In it are eight triangles which are symbolic of eight goddesses.
In it is a triangle denoting Lakshmi. In this triangle is a spot which symbolises Goddess Bhagwati. Shree Yantra symbolises a total of 2816 energies or Goddesses and worshipping this Yantra means worshipping all these energies. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through cosmic power.
Shreeyantra raised on tortoise back is especially significant as Tortoise is Kurma Avatara of Mahavishnu which, manifested during the churning of the Ocean from which Mahalaxmi appeared.
Quartz is a natural gemstone and has power to retain the energy of mantra chanting. Deity idols are most popularly made using Quartz. Crystals harmonise the aura around us and removes the negative energy.

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"Om shreem hreem shreem kamale kamalay praseed praseed"

"om shreem hreem mahalaxmay namah"

Choose an auspicious day and time of wearing may be friday or any specified day.
Arrange all items of blessings after having a bath in the morning with pure mind and soul.
Sit facing the temple and your isht dev as on facing north east or east.
Use panchaamrit which is a mix of unboiled milk, honey, curd, sugar and ghee.
9 leaves of peepal tree in a plate
Plates for offering in a puja
Dhoop, diya, incense sticks (agarbatti), sandal paste, aromatic oil, ricegrains and ashtagandha.
Offering flower, fruit, coconut.
After all this offerings wash crystal shree yantra with ganga jal (water) place the shree yantra in front of goddess laxmi and chant the mantra
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