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According to the Holy Rig Veda, Jupiter (Guru) should be worshipped withutmost devotion. Pleasing the planet Jupiter offers you with prosperity andintelligence. The worshipper is blessed to tread the virtuous paths with divineprotection in every sphere of their life. Jupiter is said to be kind andaffectionate towards those who worship him. In the opinion of astrologers, thebountiful phase of Jupiter lasts for sixteen years. One can observe fast on NewMoon Day (Amavasya) and on Thursdays.Astrological Importance:Jupiter is one of the most positive planets as considered by Indian astrology.Being the the largest planet in our solar system, it takes about twelve years toorbit around the Sun. It is regarded as one’s teacher. Those having Jupiter favourably placed in theirhoroscopes, turn out to be wise, truthful, spiritual, God­fearing and sincere. 
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