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Shree Beesa
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Beesa yantra is considered to be very important in Yantra shastra. Beesa yantra can be of many different types. The power in these yantras is able to fulfill all desires of a person. A person may achieve a lot through a yantra. Beesa yantra fulfills all desires and free a person from fear, fights and arguments. This yantra can be used in many different ways. It may be established in a temple or kept in a purse.

This yantra is also used in tantric activities. According to Bhagvat, yantra is another form of a person;s Lord. According to Narad Purana, Beesa mantra is considered to be as important as Lord Vishnu. Gemstone do not affect Beesa yantra in any inauspicious way. Beesa yantra is used to bring auspicious results in a kundali.
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