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Shiva Gomati Chakra
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Nature of Material: Gomati chakras are organic gems which has essentially the same structure and composition as the nacre of natural pearls

Appearance: translucent to opaque virtually any body color, but usually white or light yellow (called cream); also modified by additional colors called overtones, which is typically pink (called rose)

Phenomena: orient - an iridescent effect, usually faint
The Meaning Of Shiva
Gomati chakra is a sea shell. It is also known as "cow's eye" shell. It is considered lucky to wear. Gomati chakras, obtained from the Gomati river in Dwaraka, is considered meritorious to give wealth, health and success. Gomati Chakra is protective for children. These chakras are used in religious ceremonies and worshipping of yantra.

Sandal paste and sacred water (Gangajal) is offered to them during puja. According to many Vaishnavas and oral tradition in Northern India, these Gomati Shilas were once part of Lord Krishna's palaces in Dwaraka. They were used to adorn the walls and floor of many of Sri Krishna's palaces. We should consider them as expansion of Devi and can be placed with Shaligram shila.
Gomati Chakra is charged by Vishnu mantra.


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