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Safed Chandan Mala
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Description: Mala of small sized Safed Chandan 7.50 mm bead embedded with thread knotted in traditional style and tassel Size similar to peppercorn size. Maybe used for putting around neck or jaap.


Bead Size – 7.50 mm

No. of beads–109

Length- 34 inches

Gross Weight-22.170 Grams

Origin- India

Thread and tassel maybe altered to any colour of your choice. It’s not a compulsion.

Day of Wearing-Wednesday 

Ruling God- Ganesh


Who can use – Everyone can use who wants its benefits.


Benefits-Goddesses shower their benediction on the person who wears a rosary of red sandalwood and if he wears that of white, gods shower their benediction on him. The Japs of Vishnu, Ram, Krishna and Jupiter are performed with a white sandalwood rosary. A man can have virtuous mentality, peace of mind, sufficient sleep, etc. and faith in gods if he wears a white sandalwood rosary.


Astrological Benefits-


Meditation-al Benefits-Red sandal beads unfolds vibrant energy and gives bravery, strength and willpower.It is warming, improves circulation and protects from negative energy.It is also helpful for indigestion and fever.Attracts abundance and prosperity.


Medicinal Benefits-


Effect Time-After 60 Days.


Power Recharge- Chant daily 108 times.

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