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Rudrani Mala/ Rosary
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It is believed that Rudrani Mala is considered to be as the scared jewellery of Goddess Parvati. It is prepared from the sacred seed of Rudrani tree and thus is of great importance.

The beads of Rudrani Mala are very rare to found as it is considered to be the most religious that can bring good luck to the wearer, especially ladies. Even though you do not wear these sacred Rudrani Mala, you can keep it in holy place of your house, shop or office. The positive vibration that is embedded in Rudrani Mala can increase the flow of positive energy. It is also said that Rudrani Mala represents the lord Shiva’s ability to manifest divine feminine power.

This Mala is highly recommended for enabling conception in complicated cases of delivery. when used with Putrajivi Mala, it becomes highly effective for conception and safe delivery.

Significance of Rudrani Mala/ Rosary

  • Rudrskani tree is considered to be the most scared tree and hence the seeds are collected as the blessings.
  • When the tree is in full blossom, the seeds are fallen on the ground which the people collect and prepare Rudrani Mala.
  • It is often said that Rudrani Mala is to represent the union of Shakti and Siva which means it is the divine meeting of female and male principles.
  • Usually, the Rudrani Mala is made up of 108 beads.
  • These numbers are considered as the scared number for most of the Buddhist and Hindu rosaries.
  • The Rudrani Mala has ability to keep your life a healthy and full of love and prosperity.
Rudrani Mala
Rudrani Mala

Description: Mala of small sized Rudrani 3.00 mm bead knotted in traditional style and tassel Size similar to peppercorn size. Maybe used for putting around neck or jaap.


Bead Size – 3.00 mm

No. of beads–109

Length- 14 inches

Gross Weight-1.520 Grams

Origin- India

Thread and tassel maybe altered to any colour of your choice. It’s not a compulsion.

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