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Rock Crystal
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Nature of Material: quartz is a mineral species; hexagonal (trigonal) Crystal system; chemical composition SiO2  
Appearance: Transparent to opaque nearly an colors; also see following entries on Amethyst, Citrine, and Tiger’s-Eye 
Phenomena: iridescence, asterism, Aventurescence; also see Tiger-'s-Eye for chatoyant varieties
The Meaning Of Rock Crystal

QUARTZ CRYSTAL - Energizer and Amplifier

One of earth's most common minerals.
It is also known as rock crystal or quartz crystal. 

Keywords: communication, wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love.

Metaphysical Properties 
The most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone, particular regarding self esteem, and healing the wounds of a neglectful or abusive childhood. This stone will not allow you to wallow in self-pity over that which you can not change! It amplifies the energy of all other stones and increases your emotional energy.
I call this the poor mans Diamond, because it is so rich in every way except material value. Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energizes. Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers. Stimulates psychic perception. Teaches each person at their own level, and at their own speed. Empowers. Attunes to all chakras, all signs, and all numbers. 
This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Keeps you in touch with your spiritual side, and reminds you that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. All spiritual pursuits can be stimulated and amplified using this stone's energy. It helps you to be receptive to higher guidance. 
Easy to cleanse, store information or energy in, program or amplify energy and heal with. It can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Crown Chakra, good for meditation, sending or receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency. Works with all chakras and master gland. Blue quartz crystals grant spiritual insight and enlightenment, peace and serenity. They also encourage emotional clarity and purity of heart.
Crystal Mala
Crystal Mala These are genuine 8 mm select clear quartz beads, 108 with fluorite and silver markers, finished with an Adjustable Knot.
Quartz is the second most common mineral on earth, making up about 12% of the earth's crust. All quartz is silicon dioxide, but this was not discovered until the early nineteenth century. Energy manipulation and memory. Clear quartz assists in focusing energy to achieve goals, magnify the power of other stones, and helps bring spiritual clarity to one's life. Clear Quartz is perfect for purification meditation practices such as "mantra," and is associated with Chenrezig (Tib.) or the Bodhisattva of compassion, Avolokiteshvara.

In the healing tradition Crystal is a Master Healer stone of power. In the Feng Shui tradition, Quartz can be used anywhere that balance or cleansing is needed, and for grounding, balance, good health, spirituality and protection.

1.Plain Mala

Plain small crystal rosary consists of beads made up of crystal. For those who do intellectual type of work and have interest in spiritual activities can use crystal rosary. Plain small Crystal rosary balances all the energy chakras while chanting mantras during meditation. Sphatik beads protect and heal negative influences. Sphatik rosary is the best rosary for counting beads while chanting goddess mantras.

2.Faceted Mala

Faceted Clear Crystal beads, which are very well calibrated and have a gem-like luster with polished holes, with amazonite and carnelian markers a real, rock crystal guru bead, finished with a with an adjustable knot. These were modeled after the famous 'Swarovski Crystal', but at a fraction of the price! Pristine, pure, and luminous! 

Crystal Products
Crystal Products A crystal works as a conductor of energy crystal protects you from evil eyes and negative vibrations. A clear crystal is the basic tool for intensive healing, it enhances the energy.
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