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Nature of Material: Rhodochrosite (roe-doe-CROW-site) is a mineral species; hexagonal (trigonal) Crystal system; chemical composition MnCO3  

Appearance: usually translucent to opaque pink, often in a banded pattern with layers or areas of white, gray, brown, or yellow; also occurs in transparent pink to dark red

Phenomena: none
Variety and Trade Names
Typical Size Range : very large pieces available in aggregate material; transparent stones faceted for collectors typically under 5 ct

Typical Cutting Styles: ornamental carvings, beads, cabochons, faceted (transparent to translucent varieties)
Optic Character: DR, uniaxial negative; AGG
Refractive Index: 1.597-1.817 (± .003) Birefringence: .220
Specific Gravity: 3.60 (+ .10, -.15)
Polish Luster: vitreous to sub vitreous
Fracture: uneven to granular
Luster: dull to vitreous
Cleavage: perfect in three directions, but usually obscured by aggregate structure 

Identifying Characteristics
agate-like banding ("bacon strip") in aggregate material
Hardness: 3½ to 4½
Toughness: poor Stability 

Availability: translucent to opaque - plentiful; transparent - rare
Public Recognition: unfamiliar Sources: Argentina, Australia, Germany, Romania, Spain, US, South Africa
Recommended Disclosures: Avoid rough handling, heat, and chemical
The Meaning Of Rhodochrosite

RHODOCROSITE-THE STONE to stabilize the blood pressure

General Gemstone Details
Rhodochrosite (sometimes spelled Rhodochrosite) is an elegant pink and white stone called the "stone of love and balance" as it balances and enhances love on all levels. A fairly recent discovery in the mineral kingdom. Comes in shades of orange and pink. Have stripes of various width in shades of white. It symbolizes openness; it awakens the all-embracing love that is not limited to one person.

Scientific Properties: Moh’s Hardness of 4 with a trigonal crystal structure. The pink color of Rhodochrosite is caused by the element manganese and it is formed when manganese is dissolved by ground water and combines with a carbonate material and then drips off the ceiling of caves and crevices deep underground. It is found in Argentina, Peru, and Montana, U.S. Ranges from light red to rose red to pink, often with black spots and veins. The name is derived from the Greek word "rhodon" (pink) and "chros" (color). It is referred to as the Inca Rose by the Incas who believed the blood of their rulers turned into this stone.

Mystical Properties: Healing, comfort, harmony and friendship. Rhodochrosite promotes smooth energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self-love. It helps us live our spiritual beliefs, it facilitates the balancing of the emotional process such that the attunement to the higher self may be attained, and one's awareness and spirituality can be enhanced. Rhodochrosite is the ultimate stone in helping your soul reach it's highest level. It will assist in the attainment of the solution to the puzzling concept relating to the contradiction of the duality of nature and the soul. It further will assist in the acceleration of the expansion of the consciousness to both understand and initiate the practice of intensive relaxation, acceptance and balancing. It removes tendencies toward avoidance or denial, and helps one to be more willing to accept and integrate new information while maintaining a clarity of intellect of the information already attained.

Healing Properties: Rhodochrosite is known to stabilize the blood pressure and circulation and is used in the treatment of hardening and narrowing of the arteries. Which is what makes it such a great remedy against chronic migraines, but treatment must be prolonged over an adequate amount of time. For a cute attacks, a stone may be place on the site of the pain and the back of the head and left until the pain has abated.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Powers: Energy, peace and love This gentle pink stone has an incredible duality. It is worn to lend extra energy during times of extreme physical activity, but it is also soothing to the emotions and the body, de-stressing it. You might wear a Rhodochrosite when extra physical energy is needed, but you may also use it in a bath to relax and de-stress. While this may seem unusual, remember that it is your empowering of the gemstone that fine tunes it to your magical need.

Associations: Mars Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month. Stone of Leo and Scorpio, to dream of Rhodochrosite symbolizes and unresolved emotional issue that is troubling you.

Chakra Classification: Rhodochrosite energizes and cleanses the base, sacral and heart chakras, as well as balancing the mental and emotional processes. Gentle, yet probably the most vibrant loving stone to heal the Heart Chakra, especially for giving and/or receiving love. Being associated with the lower three chakras, (1st, Root or Base Chakra, 2nd, Sacral or Navel Chakra and 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra) this stone can be used to clear away unresolved emotional issues which have created troublesome blockages.
In doing so, it may also help you discover your purpose in life. It can magnetize, strengthen and then hold the energy field around the wearer or an area. Rhodochrosite has a strong effect on intuition and creativity, enhancing the dream state.


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