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Pyramids made from Natural gemstones representing each of the 9 planets. Pyramids in Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, White Agate, Crystal, Yellow, Orange Jade, Jasper and Smokey. The pyramid shape itself is a supernatural source of power and energy. There is power in the pyramid shape which is believed to have a generally balancing effect on the Vastu of the surroundings.

It is a structure of perfection that gathers negative energy from the surroundings and releases it outward. Pyramids have power to drive off negativity and attract good luck, peace, harmony and prosperity. They focus energy to the apex and bring in harmony and positive vibes all around the place. Gemstone pyramids bring the positive energies of the planets they represents and work like a Navrartna.

Multi Pyramid - Yellow Jade, Rock Salt Pyramid, Pyramid in Brass, Pyramid in ( Jasper ), Multi Pyramid - Red Jasper, Multi Pyramid in Jasper, Pyramid in Natural (Bloodstone), Brass Pyramid (Hollow Base), Pyramid in Jasper,Quartz crystal Pencil, Pyramid in Natural ( Bloodstone ), Pyramid in Cats Eye - 65 gms, 9 Pyramid Vastu plate, Pyramid in (Red Jasper) - 50 gms, Pyramid in Natural ( Yellow Jade ), Pyramid in ( Yellow Jasper ), Pyramid in Natural ( Black Jasper ), Multi Pyramid - Amethyst, Pyramid in Natural ( Black Jasper ), Multi Pyramid - Green Jade, Pyramid in Natural (Yellow Jade), Tiger Eye 9-Pyramid grid, Star Pyramid in ( Lapis Lazuli ) - 360 gms, Multi Pyramid - Rose Quartz,Pyramid in Natural (Rose Quartz), Parad power Pyramid, Green Jade Pyramid, Pyramid in Red Jasper, Star Pyramid in ( Red Jasper ), Pyramid in ( Lapis Lazuli ), Lapis Lazuli Pyramid, Multi Pyramid - Black Jasper, Star Pyramid in ( Tiger Eye ),Star Pyramid in Amethyst,Star Pyramid in Green Jade, Multi Pyramid - Yellow Jasper, Multi Pyramid - Rose Quartz, Multi Pyramid - Red Jasper, Pyramid in White Agate - Set of 3,
Crystal Pyramid - 20 gms,

When kept in the Northeast corner a sense of well being is felt by family members.
When kept in the Southwest corner in bedroom to ensures sound sleep.
House wives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the Southeast corner of the kitchen to become energetic.
Use it in study rooms of kids to have more concentration in their studies.
Keep it in your office cabin in the Southwest corner for smooth running of the business.
To get rid off black magic, bury four pyramids in the four corners of the house.
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