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Putrajivi Mala
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Putrajivi Mala is also known as Putra Prapti Mala. Putrajivi Mala is a powerful and effective lama, made up of fruit seeds of Putrajiva tree. Fruit seeds of Putrajiva tree are knotted in a thread, forming this Putrajivi rosary.
This rosary is blessed with auspicious power to bestow the wearer with a son. Putrajivi rosary is one of the best remedy to get a son, other than santan gopal yantra and other remedies for getting desired offspring. The mantra used for Sun can be recited on this mala.
The beads of this Putrajivi mala are rare beads (fruit seeds of Putrajiva tree) procured from the tribes of central India.

Following are the uses of Putrajivi Mala:

  • Putrajivi mala is used to avoid miscarriages during pregnancy.
  • It bestows the wearer with a son.
  • It ensures good health of the offspring.
  • Wear it throughout the period of pregnancy, even if for a few hours a day.
Putrajivi Mala
Putrajivi Mala

Description: Mala of small sized Putrajivi 8.50 mm bead knotted in traditional style and tassel Size similar to pea nut shape. Maybe used for putting around neck or jaap.


Bead Size – 15.50 x 8.50 mm(approx)

No. of beads–109

Length- 48 inches

Gross Weight-44.400 Grams

Origin- India

Thread and tassel maybe altered to any colour of your choice. It’s not a compulsion.

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