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Pooja is one of the most popular and powerful poojas in Hinduism.It is usally performed at the beginning of new ventures as well as on the new moon and full moon day, particularly the Kartik, Vaisakh, Sharavan and Chaitra Purnimas and on Sankranti. It is believed that this pooja has the power to help one attain what one desired,and leads to overall prosperity and happiness.
VASTU PUJA KIT Vastu is a creative, dynamic and scientific Vedic system of Architecture to design building of a tower, mansion or a house developed by the ancient sages to ensure good fortune, peace, prosperity, creativity, health, happiness and harmony for the inhabitants.
Vaastu puja improves spiritual and material life, creativity, intelligence, the health, longitivity of life, the relationship among the residents. Vaastu puja removes negative energies or ill effects resulting from inauspicious location or directions of rooms. It also removes ill-effects of a business premises and attracts more business.
LAKSHMI PUJA KIT Laxmi pujan evokes grace, affluence abundance, auspiciousness and authority. Her worship creates an aura of holiness. Whatever follows after puja is imbued with divine blessing.
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