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A variety of agate. The onyx is reputed to improve concentration and devotion.Perhaps it is for this reason that it is frequently to be found in rosaries.Helps hearing problems, heart trouble and ulcers. 
The Meaning Of Onyx


ONYX - The stone of selfmastery or self control

Black Onyx -Grounding Stone .

Attuned to Root Chakra - 1st and 5th chakra's.

Astrological:Stone of Leo.

Vibrates to the Number #6

 Element: Fire

Keywords: vigor,strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence , tenacity, firmness,durability, courage, and self-control.

Metaphysical Properties: Enhances self mastery, steadfastness, and determination, setting one’s mind to a task.It is grounding stone and can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others, and in that way is a good stone for protection from negative forces and influences, More powerful for people in when combined with amethyst the stone of sobriety. Onyx helps you become the Master of your own Fate. Valuable in difficult or confusing times of our lives, Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity, Helps to smooth out the "Roller Coaster Ride" of emotions.

Protection:A good stone for Entrepreneurs and Inventors, to repel negative energy surrounding other people’s opinions or ideas. 

Detachment:The ancient Egyptians believe that it could cool Theadora of love and actually cause arguments between lovers to the point of separation!  Use Onyx for self-protection or to keep away or end unhealthy or bothersome emotional entanglements.

Letting Go: Extremely helpful to people who are having trouble letting go or releasing the past or attachments and moving on after a relationship has ended, sometimes years past the event. 

Change:Helps release old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us Visions and guidance through meditation and dreams. Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. Ithelps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe.  Reduces Sexual desire. Balances and grounds.  Not a "healing stone", rather it repels (negative energy).

Color: Usually black or brown with white bands, but can be red, orange, or honey colored a type of Chalcedony Quartz.

Physical Healing Properties: Helpful in treating teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders, feet, glaucoma,epilepsy, and cell damage. Careers Entrepreneurs,Inventors


Sard (onyx) -onyx showing bands of Sard colors alternating with either white or black parallel bands. Sard onyx is a variant in which the colored bands are sard (shades of red) rather than black. Black onyx is perhaps the most famous variety, but is not as common as onyx with colored bands. Artificial treatments have been used since ancient times to produce both the black color in "black onyx" and the reds and yellows in sardonyx. Most "black onyx" on the market is artificially colored.

Carnelian (onyx)  onyx showing bands of carnelian colors alternating with either white or black parallel bands.Carnelian (also spelled cornelian) is a brownish-red mineral which is commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. Similar to carnelian is sard, which is generally harder and darker (the difference is not rigidly defined, and the two names are often used interchangeably).Both carnelian and sard are varieties of the silica mineral chalcedony colored by impurities of iron oxide. The color can vary greatly, ranging from pale orange to an intense almost-black coloration. It is most commonly found in Brazil, India, Siberia, and Germany.

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