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Nature of Material: quartz is a mineral species; hexagonal (trigonal) Crystal system; chemical composition SiO2  

Appearance: Transparent to opaque nearly an colors; also see following entries on Amethyst, Citrine, and Tiger’s-Eye

Phenomena: iridescence, asterism, Aventurescence; also see Tiger-'s-Eye for chatoyant varieties
Variety and Trade Names
ROCK CRYSTAL - transparent colorless 
SMOKY QUARTZ OR CAIRNGORM - transparent light to dark brown; sometimes nearly opaque black (called Marion)
ROSE QUARTZ- semitransparent to translucent pink, often very light in tone.
AVENTURINE QUARTZ - translucent to opaque quartzite showing glittery reflections (aventurescence) from included crystals of another mineral; most aventurine quartz seen in jewelry is green, although it also occurs in gray. and yellow to brown colors 
RUTILATED QUARTZ - see Sagenitic quartz 
SAGENITIC QUARTZ (sometimes called Sagenitic) - general term referring to transparent quartz (usual1y rock crystal) containing eye-visible needle-like inclusions, such as golden rutile, or dark tourmaline or actinolite needles; often specified according to the type of inclusions contained – rutilated quartz, Tourmalinated quartz, for example; fanciful desig-nations like Cupid's darts, fleches d'amour, Venus hair stone, Thetis hair stone, and cat's-fur quartz were also applied to Sagenitic quartz.
DUMORTIERITE QUARTZ - translucent to opaque dark blue to violet, colored by Dumortierite inclusions
MILKY QUARTZ - translucent to opaque white to very light gray; also occurs semitransparent with a bluish cast 
STAR QUARTZ - rose quartz, or grayish or mill{y quartz showing asterism (generally 6 rays); also called asteriated quartz
Herkimer diamond, Arizona diamond, Arkansas diamond, Alaska diamond, Cornish diamond, etc. 
Rock crystal smoky topaz, burnt topaz, Scotch topaz - smoky quartz California lapis - Dumortierite quartz 
Moonstone - semitransparent milky quartz 

Indian jade - green aventurine quartz
Typical Size Range: 1 - 20 ct; faceted stones over 1000 ct are known 
Typical Cutting Styles: faceted, cabochons, carvings, depending on the variety

Optic Character: DR uniaxial positive or AGG (depending on variety)
Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553 (very constant) 
Birefringence: .009 (may not be detectable in aggregate varieties) 
Dispersion: .013 
Specific Gravity: 2.66 (+ .03. -.02) 
Polish Luster: vitreous 
Fracture: conchoidal to uneven or granular (in aggregates) 
Luster: vitreous 
Cleavage: none 
Hardness: 7 
Toughness: good 

Identifying Characteristics
color zoning, twinning, liquid, 2-phase, and 3-phase inclusions, negative crystals, may show bull's-eye or Airy's spiral optic figure. Sagenitic quartz - prominent needle-like inclusions star quartz - contains many tiny inclusions and may have a foil backing to enhance color and star Aventurine quartz - flake or platelet inclusions that cause the aventurescence Dumortierite quartz - strongly pleochroic blue dumortierite inclusions.

Availability: Plentiful to scarce, depending on the variety; quartz is the most common mineral species in the earth's crust. Public Recognition: rock crystal, rose quartz - familiar; smoky quartz - familiar, but frequently confused with topaz; others - unfamiliar 
Birthstone Designation
Birthstone Designation(s): rock crystal - Monday smoky - November, 1:00 am 

Major Source: Brazil. Others: Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, US, USSR 
Recommended Disclosures: Advice when treated or treatment is a possibility.
The Meaning Of Milky Quartz

Milky Quartz -The stone of Tour

Milky Crystal, Long ago, people believed that milky crystal was a compact form of ice: crystallos actually means "frozen." The best milky crystal has the Milkiness and shimmer of crystal clear water.
Although milky quartz is relatively common, large specimens are not, which is why most crystal balls these days are made of glass, not quartz. Milky Quartz is highly useful in healing, in meditation and for spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

Milky Quartz is the ultimate "anything-stone" as it radiates all the color vibrations within the spectrum of light and thus can be utilized and programmed for any use which brings light and energy into our spiritual bodies. A "stone of the mind", quartz can be used to imprint with any energy or information and helps to focus the mind, aides in concentration and enhances mental ability. Milky Quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy in. Historically this crystal has been used to counter black magic, to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits and other worlds 

Milky Quartz is probably the most versatile, multipurpose, powerful healing stone on the planet due to is unique helical spiral crystalline form. It is a master healer and can be used for any and all conditions. 

 Projective, Receptive 
Planet: Sun, Moon 
Elements: Fire, Water 
Deity: The great Mother 
Associated Metals: Silver, Copper, Gold 
Purpose for wear: Protection, Healing, Psychics, Power. 

HINDI NAME – Rock crystal SAFTIK



HINDI NAME – Aventurine quartz MARGAJ

HINDI NAME – Orange aventurine quartz NARANGI MARGAZ

HINDI NAME – Grape aventurine quartz ANGOORI MARGAZ

HINDI NAME – Yellow aventurine quartz PEELA MARGAZ

HINDI NAME – Black tourmaline quartz KALI TURMALI BILLORE

HINDI NAME – Copper rutile quartz TAMBRA BAL BILLORE

HINDI NAME – Silver rutile quartz RAJAT BAL BILLORE

HINDI NAME – Dumortierite quartz NEELA MARGAJ



HINDI NAME – Green quartz (Praseolite) KATHARA

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