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Mandarin Ducks
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The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Note the word traditional, or Classical Feng shui which means that a cure is based on culturally specific images, symbols and overall historical use.
What Type Of Mandarin Ducks Do I Use As A Feng Shui Love Cure?
What Type Of Mandarin Ducks Do I Use As A Feng Shui Love Cure? You can use either an image, such as a photo or a painting, or choose small statues of Mandarin ducks as a feng shui love cure. You can find small Mandarin ducks statues in different materials - from faceted lead crystals (such as this Swarovski Couple) to figurines made from rose quartz, jade or brass. Because rose quartz holds healing love energy, a pair of Mandarin ducks made from rose quartz crystal may bring additional energy to your feng shui love cure.
Where Do i Place My Mandarin Ducks?
The traditional placement of the Mandarin ducks is in the Love & Marriage area of your home bagua. If you use the classical feng shui school, then place your ducks in the South west area of your home. If the BTB feng shui school is your choice, the focus on the upper right corner, or area of your home. Another good feng shui placement is in your personal lucky direction for love (which is based on your date of birth).
How Do I Display The Mandarin Ducks?
How Do I Display The Mandarin Ducks? Always display your Mandarin ducks as a couple, never have just one duck as it will not work as a happy love symbol. Have them face the same direction and be sure the energy around them is clean, well lit, attractive and fresh.
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