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Nature of Material: malachite (MAL-ah-kite) is a mineral species; monoclinic crystal system; Chemical composition Cu2CO3 (OH)2

Appearance: Generally opaque vivid, bluish green to green, usually banded in two or more tones of green; may have a sheen

Phenomena: none
Variety and Trade Names
peacock stone
Misnomers: pseudo-emerald
Typical Size Range: large pieces are available
Typical Cutting Styles: carvings, beads, cabochons, tablets, inlays
Optic Character: opaque (DR)
Refractive Index: 1.655-1.909
Birefringence: .254
Pleochroism: none
Ultraviolet Fluorescence: inert
Absorption Spectra: not diagnostic
Cause of Color: copper
Specific Gravity: 3.95 (+ .15, -.70)
Polish Luster: silky to vitreous
Fracture: uneven to splintery
Luster: dull
Cleavage: perfect in two directions, but usually obscured

Identifying Characteristics
curved or angular banding may have radial fibrous structure and sheen; may be botryoidal; light green streak
Crystal Habit: usually massive or in botryoidal aggregates
Hardness: 3½ to 4
Toughness: poor

Availability: plentiful
Public Recognition: familiar
Sources: Zaire, Australia, England, France, Namibia, Romania, South Africa, US, USSR, Zimbabwe
Recommended Disclosures: Avoid rough handling, heat, and chemicals. Advise customer if stone has been impregnated.
The Meaning Of Malachite

MALACHITE - The stone of transformation

Chakra: Crown 
Vibrates to the numbers
Astrological: Capricorn and Scorpio

Keywords: Athletes, guilt, resentment, spiritual evolution, emotional healing, relationships, friendships.

Metaphysical Properties: Malachite's gift is assisting one be comfortable in changing situations. Also very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual Evolution. Excellent stone for identifying, recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially one that you cannot recall. This is particularly useful for people on a spiritual path, or in recovery, for releasing guilt. How does one make amends for that which you have no recollection or knowledge? Malachite will help you clear the past that you may have no conscious awareness of, yet remains a burden you are carrying. If you feel GUILTY, but don't know why, this is a good stone to add to your collection. It can be helpful in gaining insight into the cause of specific conditions, such as relationships, resentments, and anxiety so that you can release them. A protective stone in the field of Aviation, said to stimulate awareness of and prevention of vertigo.

Malachite also represents fidelity in love and friendship, and is a good companion stone for Jade - The stone of Fidelity in relationships, both romantic and friendships, that have had turmoil and need to rebuild trust, as it also promotes loyalty. Setting Malachite in copper enhances and magnifies its power.

Color: Green
Physical Healing Properties: Asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, growths, broken bones, and torn muscles. General Gemstone Details Malachite has a long history with the Egyptian cultures going as far back as 4000 B.C.. The ancient Egyptians obtained their malachite from the Sinai peninsula and used it most often in amulets and statues. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it is said that the goddess of the sky "drops stars on the earth in the shape of green stones." The stone was one of the prime gemstones used for power by the upper class in Egypt, the headdresses of pharaohs were often lined with malachite, as this was said to raiser the ruler's vibrations to a higher level and open him to wise council. there is an ancient Russian legend that says anyone who drinks from a goblet made of malachite will have the power to understand the language of the animals bestowed upon him. One other unique use for this stone, was for face adornment. The stone was ground to a fine powder and Egyptian woman used it as eye makeup to paint their eyelids and eyelashes. Malachite is often referred to as the Peacock Stone, as it was considered sacred to the goddess Juno, whose sacred bird was the peacock; as well, the eye like pattern within the stone resembles the eye like pattern on peacock feathers.

Scientific Properties: Moh’s Hardness of 4 with a monoclinic crystal structure. Malachite is usually found in opaque green masses, the color is derived from the copper. A stone with a characteristic bubbly look, malachite is cut and polished to show the alternating light and dark green layers

Mystical Properties: Malachite is a lovely, natural amalgam of minerals, which helps the wearer to remember and renew the connection to the All. It freshens the outlook and allows us to touch our core self without the fear that generally holds us back. It allows us to touch our child within and to be reborn into the light. It is soothing to the soul, and releases stress to help create new beginnings. Malachite is great for increasing ones concentration skills and is quite beneficial to ones physical, as well as psychic, vision. Malachite helps to find a balanced path between the desires of ego and of our higher Will, aiding us in removing blockages and inspiring us with ideas which will help to manifest those goals.

Healing Properties: Malachite promotes growth and builds up strength in many ways. It is the stone of pregnant woman, and additionally it is a successful remedy against heart pains and cardiac asthma. The optic nerves in the eyes can be strengthened with daily bathing of the eyes in malachite water. Malachite has wonderful healing properties, and because of the high copper content of the stone it has a very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field. This gemstone is told to absorb negative energy from the auric field cleansing it, thus balancing the wearer and protecting them from the effects negative energies. Using this stone, one can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies and help encourage true, pure love. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. It can decrease one's tendency to radiation illness, asthma, arthritis, and tumors.

Magical Properties 
Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth
Powers:Power, protection, love, peace, business success Malachite is worn to detect impending danger, legend tells us that this stone breaks into pieces to warn it's wearer of the forthcoming danger. This stone has long been used is magical rights, used to lend extra energy and power. Wear it, hold it or place it on the alter to increase your ability to send power toward your magical goal. Though the stone is a tranquil green-blue it is often used in protective magic, particularly if that which involves children. Beads or pendants of malachite are worn to guard against negativity and physical dangers, wearing a malachite that touches your skin near your heart expands your ability to love, and in so draws love to you. It is an excellent stone and quite valuable to those who feel as if they are at the end of their rope; however, caution must be used when wearing this stone, as it amplifies whatever energy you project!

Associations: Venus Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month Stone of Virgo and Capricorn, malachite brings much luck!

Chakra Classification: Malachite is effective on all chakras, particularly the 4th, Heart Chakra. Malachite symbolizes understanding of oneself and of others, which is why is in an ideal meditation stone. Malachite is one of the few stones that can be used to clear and activate all Chakras.
1st, Root or Base Chakra 2nd, Sacral or Navel Chakra
3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra 4th, Heart Chakra
5th, Throat Chakra 6th, Third Eye or Brow Chakra 7th, Crown Chakra


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