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A Yantra complete with all the deities of wealth and prosperity to shower upon you all the abundance of the world.

A combination of 4 most powerful wealth and prosperity Yantras:

Kanakdhara Yantra, Shri Durga Yantra, Shri Kailash Yantras, Shri Mahalaxmi Yantras.

Vyapar Vridhi MahaYantra - 12 Inches, Kuber Yantra in brass with silver polish - 6 inches, Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Maha Yantram - 6 inches, Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Maha Yantram - 9 inches, Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Maha Yantram - Copper - 9 inches, Dhan Akarshan Yantra - 6 inches

Bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the worshipper.
Worshipper never lacks in money & material comforts.
Worshipper's house & treasury are always full.
Helps increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.
Source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength.
Bestows Ashta Riddhi and Nav Siddhi.

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmyei Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah !!

Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra should be placed facing East direction in home / office / altar.
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