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Maha Meru
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The Maha Meru, or Sri Meru Chakra, is a three-dimensional projection of the great yantra known as Sri Chakra, said to be the Mother of all Mandalas. The sublime geometry of the Sri Chakra is revealed wisdom.
It is not of human origin. It is nothing less than the genetic code of the Cosmos. Made in a single piece of Bronze, authentically designed by Gurus and consecrated as per Sri-Vidya.

The Maha Meru, The Maha Meru - Big
Sri Chakra is said to contain within itself the essence of all other yantras, and thus it contains the essence of all traditions.
Certain powers, for example, are ascribed to the six-pointed Star of David, the Christian cross, the five-pointed star, the Egyptian and Meso-American pyramids, and so on.
The Meru’s particular configuration is revered in all Eastern traditions: It integrates the essence of Indian Mother Goddess worship, Mahayana Buddhism, Chinese feng shui, the Eleusinian mysteries of the Ancient Greeks, and so much more.
The Maha Meru can bring unbounded happiness and every good thing in life.
Just keeping it in one’s home will confer great blessings, because the Meru subtly connects itself to the other major yantras in the world.
Its mere presence is said to cleanse the home of defects under both the vaastu and feng shui systems; to ward off and neutralize negative energies and the “evil eye”;
To protect against unfavorable planetary influences; and to bring about healing, prosperity and peace of mind.
Wherever it is placed, it brings order, peace, happiness, health, and wealth – in short, everything that is needed.
Various scriptures – such as the Shakti Upanishads, the Brahmanda Purana, the Sri Chakra Samhita, the Sri Chakra Yoga Sara, the Sri Chakrartha Sara and others – all state in a single voice that merely seeing the Sri Chakra washes away all sins and grants auspiciousness.
A mere touch burns away sin like a wad of cotton wool consumed by a fire.
There remains no desire unfulfilled; one experiences infinite enjoyment, both here and in the hereafter.
There is no siddhi that cannot be attained by regular worship of a Meru.
Accurate geometry designed by traditional Gurus. Pure 24 carat gold plated in Bronze metal. This is hollow from inside and bottom.
The Surya (Sun) mark at one of the corners of the Meru should be towards your left when you install it. If you look at the tip , you would find one of them which is exactly in line with the bottom base (other two are off centred).
This is the Face of the yantra and it should face East. You may place the Shreeyantra preferably near the West wall, so that the tip faces East. If not, then you may place on any wall except the East wall.
It should be placed in such a location which is visible from all sides of your living room .. as it will affect all locations from where it is visible. The back of the yantra (exactly opposite the tip) does not show Aura, so you should not face it .. so it is best if this is against the wall. The yantra is placed at height above your Navel ( when standing) and below head.
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