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Ketu Yantra
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Vedic astrology maintains that the Ketu possesses no visible celestialbody. Therefore, it is generally referred to as a ‘shadow’ planet. It has atremendous impact on human lives and also the whole universalcreation. The upside is that Ketu helps a man achieve the zenith offame.Ketu Yantra:Through the worship of the Ketu Yantra one can appease the planetKetu and ward off the malefic effects of all the other planets.Acknowledgement and worship of this shadow celestial body brings allhappiness and a sense of well­being by bringing prosperity into thelives of those who worship it. It is believed by the mystics and expertsthat worshipping it delivers the person from the effects of snakebite, andillnesses arising out of poisonous substances entering one’s body. Itbestows good health, wealth and prosperity. 
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