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Kemdrum Yog and its Upaya

Kemdrum yog is one of the most malicious yog , I have come across. In my own experience , I have seen scores of Janma Kundalis where this yog has very adversely affected the natives. People with this yog lack in at least one aspect of life “ kisi ek sukh se vanchit rahenge” ; be it health , money , wife , children, education , stability etc. This deficiency in their life is so acute that it makes their life miserable.

According to the astrology classics, a complete kemdrum yog will exist only if all the following conditions are met. The yog will occur when there is:
[ 1 ] In the lagna kundali , no planet with moon , nor any planet in either side houses i.e. 12th and the 2nd to the moon. { rahu and ketu will not be counted }
[ 2 ] In the lagna kundali , no planet in Kendra houses { 1st, 4th , 7th and 10th } . The sun, rahu and ketu will not be counted.
[ 3 ] In the lagna kundali , no planet aspecting the moon.

If such a complete kemdrum exists in any kundali, the native even if born to a kingly family, would still become a ‘ daridra , deen and dukhi’ and will face insurmountable obstacles in life.

Upaya for Kemdrum yog :

I am sharing a traditional folk upaya for this yog. You will need a blood relation to assist you in doing this upaya. The upaya should be done at the bank of a river or at the sea shore in the morning after the sun rise on a Saturday.
Take whole 11 suparis ( arrica nut ) , a red flower and Rs 1.25 in coins
{ sava rupia }. Tie these things in a handkerchief size black cloth.
Make the person with Kemdrum yog sit facing east and the blood relation , who has gone along to assist , should take the potli in his hand and rotate this potli , anticlockwise , seven times around the body of the one who has the Kemdrum yog. . Start the round from the left side of the chest.
After having made the round, immerse the potli either in a river or in sea.
Precaution: When you leave the house for the upaya , none of the two people should look back. Nor should they look back, towards the river / sea after throwing the potli till they reach home.

{The person assisting stands behind the person having Kem Drum yog. he should neither stand in front of the person nor such that he gets between the water and the kemdrum person. If necessary he can stand by the side.
Now from here > the assistant takes the potli in his left hand and starting from the left chest moves it to the back, going round the back to the right chest and reaches the left chest. One round is complete.
Thus makes 7 rounds.
If you notice the entire movement of the potli is anti- clock wise.}

This upaya will take care of the Kemdrum yog.
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