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Fengshui Pagoda / Education Tower
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The Pagoda tower is the education tower. Of all the important symbols of feng shui, this is the one that is the most intellectual. There are a lot of special symbols of feng shui, but only a few of them are directed towards maintaining an organized mind and this is what the pagoda tower does. The pagoda tower derives from the Buddhist stupa.This tower consists of nine levels of a pagoda.The levels of the pagoda is able to catch good energy which is very good for human mind. This is useful for making people intelligent, creative and smart. Particularly it is beneficial for students.
What is it good for?
The education tower or the Pagoda tower can help organize unorganized minds. It can help build focus and help one complete a task that has been started. It is a symbol for those who wish to attain academic success.
Where to keep it?
The pagoda tower can be put on the north-east of the person's desk, to increase focus on work and completion of the same. They are also good for promoting undivided attention and they remove any distraction that might play on a person's mind.
important symbols of feng shui
Having these vital feng shui symbols at home and office can really enhance one's complete potential and make sure that they achieve success in all their endeavours. Since feng shui is an important tradition that has been in existence for quite a while, there is no disputing it's importance or its success. One can choose and use feng shui symbols that hold some meaning for them one can pick all the important symbols of feng shui for their house.
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