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Fengshui Bells
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Sound adjustments are a very powerful way to adjust your Feng Shui. They announce the winds of change or the arrival of helpful people and relationships. Like crystals with light, wind chimes and bells 
Big Fengshui Bell
Big Fengshui Bell Safe Bell
Measuring 12" tip to tassel, in China it is called a "safe" bell used for protection. Symbols at the top of the bell spell out protection and safety. Each taxi cab will hang a bell in it to keep it safe while traveling through the City.  Kwan Yin- Goddess of Love, Buddha-Giver of Life, Tara - bringer of Compassion. The top of the bell depicts a wonderful fire dragon. Small, elegant bell - excellent for the entryway. 
Small Fengshui Bell
Small Fengshui Bell Ornate Prosperity Coin Bell
This wonderfully detailed little bell, is ideal for bringing abundance, prosperity and protection to any environment. It is covered with a Chinese Dragon and symbols of the ever-powerful full moon. The Dragon is one of the four benevolent animals in the Chinese culture and is a splendid good-willed creature. The Dragon is believed to have descended from Heaven. It governs not only the sky but it is also a giver of the laws of the land. Strung from a traditional Chinese knot, an ancient Chinese coin hangs below depicting symbols of luck, longevity and good fortune.

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