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Feng shui Globe
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This crystal globe is of a very high quality and very solid in weight, the precision of the globe and glass stand is incredible as when you spin it, it spins for ages. The crystal globe is the supreme enhancer for education, literary, academic luck and business success.

If you are if you are a businessperson, this globe will help you grow your business into a worldwide one. If you are a student, this will bring you luck in your studies and examinations. If you are a writer, this will bring you fame and recognition.

Place in the Northeast of your home or room/office or right hand side of desk and twirl clockwise once a day. Of course they also make a perfect paperweight. Nice gift boxed. Stand about 75mm (3 inches). For business place a Dragon beside it looking onto the globe for protection for your business.

Crystal globes are an extremely popular feng shui cure. If you place one of these lovely balls up to a sunny window or other source of light, the crystal will help to radiate positive energy around the room.

Crystals have been used in Feng Shui for thousands of years now with amazing results. These Crystal Balls are truly beautiful and leave a rainbow beam around the room when sunlight hits them and will radiate fresh Qi around the room.

These cures must be very precise and we spent a long time sourcing these to auspicious Feng Shui measurements and also a good quality cut; when purchasing a Crystal ball, be careful not to buy cheap glass copies as these can house a lot of negative Qi which will build up in your home or office when hung.

Placement Instructions
Placement Instructions This Crystal globe should be placed in the north east area of your home or office and can also be placed on the right side of your desk in your office or study. You can also place this on your main window of your child's room to slow down or activate Qi in the room. For business place a Dragon beside it looking onto the globe for protection for your business.
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