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Red Coral or Lal moonga is the hard skeleton of small leafless bushes that are composed of intermeshed spicules of hard calcium carbonate. It looks like an underwater colorful plant but in reality, they are gelatinous marine animals called polyps. Red corals are organic gemstones formed out of skeletons of individual polyps depositing together to make a colony. The remarkable characteristic of precious Red Coral Gemstones is their durable nature and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is commonly used in jewelry making. The red coral stone is naturally matte but can be polished to a glassy shine. The color ranges from warm reddish pink, pale pink to deep red. They are also found in other colors like, scarlet, saffron, coral red, pink to vermilion red and white.

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Coral Jewellery
Coral Jewellery Coral is an Organic Substance.It is not a mined stone or mineral, but an organic gemstone. Formed from a living creature, it is the "skeleton" formed by individual polyps, plant-like animals, which make up a colony under seawater in deep sea. It is a hard calcareous matter formed of innumerable skeletons continuously secreted by many families of marine coelenterate polyps (a family of zoophytes, gelatinous marine animals called polyps) for their support and habitation. It looks like an underwater colourful plant which keeps growing biologically. It is one of the priceless gifts from the sea for the mankind. 
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