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Chandrayantra Yantra
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Indian astrology is based on the lunar cycle and therefore, the position of the moon in a horoscope can affect the personality and temperament of the individual. This Yantra can help maintain the mental balance and bestow peace of mind. This Yantra has been specially energised to radiate its beneficial powers. It can be placed in your temple at home, on your worktable or, if you like, even in your wallet or purse. This yantra is embossed on copper plate with Silver plating signifying the colour of moon.

When moon is malefic in the chart or horoscope, Chandra Yantra/ Moon Yantra is kept in the house or pocket to negate the malefic effects of the Planet. Chandra Yantra blesses the native with respect, friendship and creates contacts with opposite sex in harmonious way. Chandra yantra shall be installed on any rising Moon Monday and shall be kept with Lord Shiva Photograph or image.

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