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Nature of Material: Enstatite (EN-stah-tite)is a mineral species ; orthorhombic crystal system; Chemical composition Mg2Si2O6 belongs to a mineral with hypersthene ((Mg,Fe)2Si2O6 ) enstatite grades into Hypersthene, which has higher properties

Appearance: transparent to opaque dark reddish brown to brownish green yellowish green ; rarely colorless

Phenomena: chatoyancy , 6 ray asterism(rare)
Variety and Trade Names
Bronzite- A variety of in enstatite- hypersthene species ;brown color with fibrous inclusions, giving it a bronzy appearance .
The Meaning Of Bronzite
General Gemstone Details
Bronzite is gemological name for the common mineral, Enstatite. Bronzite is a lovely chocolate brown colored gemstone with golden swirls that shimmer, making this one of the more phenomenal gemstones. Ancient Romans, we are told, used to grind Bronzite into powder form to use as protection against mental illness and confusion, and as an effective treatment to strengthen the nerves Scientific Properties: Moh’s Hardness of 5.5 with a orthorhombic crystal structure. Dark brown or greenish-brown, opaque variety of Enstatite or Hypersthenes with a sub metallic luster. Bronzite is formed through weathering of normal Enstatite or Hypersthenes. Bronzite is composed of complex magnesium and magnesium iron silicates, although to a Geologist, this gemstone is composed of a combination of Enstatite and Hypersthene, found in igneous rocks, usually ultramafic in origin (from very deep within the earth). Bronzite has a sub metallic luster and the flashes of bronze light are called shiller. Enstatite and Hypersthenes may also be found in meteorites as well.

Bronzite is a member of the pyroxene group of minerals, belonging with enstatite and hypersthene to the orthorhombic series of the group. Rather than a distinct species, it is really a ferriferous variety of enstatite, which owing to partial alteration has acquired a bronze-like sub-metallic luster on the cleavage surfaces.

Mystical Properties: Bronzite is known both as a 'stone of focused action' as well as a 'stone of courtesy', it promotes loving, unprejudiced discernment within the bearer. This is a stone that will help one to develop in all areas relative to service, as well, it brings the value of assistance to the forefront of the conscious mind. It is quite helpful in gaining certainty in our decisions and with taking control of our actions. As will all iron bearing gemstone, this stone is thought to be protective; as all iron bearing gemstones are thought not only to be protective, but to send the ill-will or evil intent back to the sender thrice-fold! As with any brown gemstones, Bronzite brings with it an air of grounding to the wearer and to boost self-esteem. Wearing Bronzite jewelry is thought especially helpful in discordant situations where the wearer feels they lack control and/or lose their center in the given situation. Bronzite is thought to bring harmony to its wearer as well..

Healing Properties: Bronzite is said to bring the body into perfect pH balance, which is helpful in many an ailment. In addition it is told to help with treatment of cysts and skin disorders such as rashes, pimples, eczema as well as premature aging and skin dehydration.

Associations: Not Noted a Traditional Birthstone for any Month Not a stone of any particular star sign


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