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Nature of Material: Fluorite (FLOOR-ite) is a mineral species (also called fluorspar); cubic crystal system; chemical composition CaF2 

Appearance: transparent to translucent green, blue, brown, yellow, orange, pink, purple, violet, colorless 

Phenomena: color change
Variety and Trade Names
Blue john - massive, bluish violet to purple in curved or angular bands on a reddish to colorless background 

none known 
Typical Size Range: up to 125 ct; large specimens available 
Typical Cutting Styles: carvings, beads; rarely faceted
Optic Character: SR; AGG 
Refractive Index: 1.434 (±.001) 
Birefringence: none 
Dispersion: .007 
Pleochroism: none 
Specific Gravity: 3.18 (+ .07, -.18) 
Polish Luster: vitreous 
Fracture: conchoidal to step like or splintery 
Luster: vitreous to sub vitreous 
Cleavage: perfect in four directions

Identifying Characteristics
color zoning, 2- and 3-phase inclusions
Hardness: 4 
Toughness: poor 

Availability: plentiful, but rarely seen in jewelry 
Public Recognition: unfamiliar
Major Sources: England, Switzerland, US. Others: Australia, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Norway 
Recommended Disclosures: Avoid rough handling;. heat, and chemicals. Inform customers when treatment is a possibility.
The Meaning Of Fluorite

FLOURITE - The stone of discernment

Astrological Signs of Pisces and Capricorn Vibrates to the number 6 

Metaphysical Properties: Fluorite can help increase your concentration, and heighten your intuition. It can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing you emotional involvement in a situation. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better. 
It clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos thus clearing the way for new things. Perfect health and order on every level. Purification and harmony. Like Agate, and Carnelian, Fluorite strengthens users analytical abilities and ability to concentrate. Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Terrific stone for College Students, and researchers who have to analyze data and reach conclusions. This is also a "Group" or "Relationship" stone, helping to balance and stabilize group dynamics so that all may benefit. Fluorite is particularly good for accessing the universal energies that activate all that is good for your body, and is able to assist you in reaching the ultimate state of physical perfection. Fluorite fosters objectivity, truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection, concentration, purification, harmony, and attracts wealth and abundance. Innovative and inventive, it is a highly effective ?brain? stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. 

BLUE FLUORITE - The Accountants and Analysts Stone - helps develop orderly, sequential thoughts and actions. Stimulates clear, concise communicative skills, brings peace, mental calmness and serenity. 
PURPLE FLUORITE - increases spiritual balance and mystic visions, and expressions of the spirit. 
YELLOW FLUORITE - enhances creativity and supports intellectual pursuits. Particularly good at stabilizing group energy, uniting groups, removing negativity from the room, and helping all to work toward the common good. Yellow is the color of understanding. 
WHITE FLUORITE - represents merging of the individual with Universal Spirit. It builds purity of spirit and helps to clarify those aspects of our spiritual nature that it is time to release and let go, as they no longer serve our higher good. Colors: Too many colors to just pick one, sometimes a rainbow White, yellow, blue, green, purple or a mixture of these colors. 

Physical Healing Properties:
Colds. Headaches. Flu, staph, canker sores Herpes. Cancer. Ears. Nose & Throat Spleen bones, teeth, lungs, detoxification, anxiety, insomnia. Helps to heal viral infections, tumors, DNA
Negates: Disorganization, disruptive behavior, desperations, depressions, and anger 
Careers: Real Estate, Stock Market, Investing, Banking, Researchers, College Students, School, Analysts, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors,

General Gemstone Details
Fluorite belongs to the spar family, as all other family members, fluorite can be separated into flakes. According to folklore, it is the home of the rainbows. Formerly called fluorspar, fluorite has limited use as a gemstone due to it's relatively soft demeanor, however the wide range of colors and the frequent incidence of more than one color in a singe specimen has made this an interesting stone and a wonderful display of colors when used as beads or other jewelry components. 

Scientific Properties: Moh’s Hardness of 4 with a cubic crystal structure. Frequently, there is more than one color in a singe stone. The largest crystal deposits have been found in the United States, while expensive pink specimens may be found in the Alps in Switzerland. England has a purple and yellow banded variety known as Blue John. 

Mystical Properties: Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. It is a powerful healer, it affects all the chakras as well as mental attitudes. It is excellent for use in cleansing the is known to ride the aura of cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people). Fluorite aids in channeling as well, excellent for connecting with the Akashi records for answer to your past lives. It is particularly helpful in aiding inter-dimensional communications, particularly with Nature spirits, faeries, elves and other fae folk. Use with other stones to amplify their effects, especially if you are working towards spiritual wholeness and development, truth and peace. Although usually translucent, fluorite comes in shades of white, brown, blue, yellow, purple, red, or colorless, and green fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies.
Rainbow: This variety of Fluorite exhibits 3 distinct color rays, violet, green and blue. Being that this gemstone is three colors, it will help you to heal on three levels; spiritual, emotional, and mental. Whatever your issues are, Rainbow Fluorite will help you to become mentally aware and then begin to help you work through the processes necessary for complete healing. 
Purple: Aids ability to meditate, increases psychic development, brings spiritual peace and wholeness. As we develop spiritually, we come to a place in our journey where we need to make a commitment; Fluorite will help you to decide if you are indeed ready to make this important commitment. For some, purple fluorite will help them to begin channeling information that is crucial to further their spiritual development. This stone is more than a ‘mental’ stone, it also radiates energy throughout the light body system. Physically, purple fluorite is helpful in promoting a state of health for the skin, bones and muscular system. 
Green: Green Fluorite is about healing on all levels. This stone allows us to mentally grasp our heart based issues and then begin to heal them. Green is the color of growth and healing. Use this stone as a bridge to allow personal growth to happen in your life. It is very calming, but at the same time it gives us the courage needed to expand our ideas and awareness.
Blue: Throat, nose, ears, soothing; Karmic impasses resolved, atonement relieved. 
Yellow: Focus, cooperation, group alignment. 
Yttrium: Lavender, Yttrium Fluorite is an unusual, rare and beautiful form of purple Fluorite from Mexico. It is unusual in the fact that it does not cleave as other varieties of Fluorite and is extremely dense. Fluorite is known for being a mental body stone, but Yttrium is very different in the fact that it is attached to the physical world. While this may seem an unusual property for a mentally orientated mineral, it does serve an important function. Many people are too mentally oriented, they are thinkers, philosophers and dreamers who lack the discipline or groundedness to bring their ideas into reality. Yttrium Fluorite assists in grounding the ideas of these thinkers by manifesting those plans--making things happen. Another way the energies of this stone maybe utilized is by bringing down mental concepts to a level more readily understood by the average person. Minerals such as Selenite give us access into higher wisdom, Calcite can bridge the gap between that reality and our own, but a mineral such as Yttrium Fluorite will bring that information down through the physical plane to a level more easily understood 
Double Pyramid: Aligns spirit with physical plane, inner with outer awareness, and 2 sides/brain; Crown Chakra, illuminating karmic lessons.

Healing Properties:Fluorite may be used with other stones. It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body and raise the power of concentration. When placed directly on an affected area, fluorite gradually removes pain. The direct application of the stone is also particularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory issues, suppurating wounds and skin diseases as well as arthritis. Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas. 

Magical Properties
Energy: Projective
Element: None Noted
Powers: Mental Powers Fluorite is one of the New Age stones, and it becoming increasing more popular. This stone has no long history of magical use; its influences are just now being investigated and discovered. In general it seems to work with the conscious mind, useful for straightening out your thoughts and for reducing emotion involvement in a situation in order to gain more accurate perspective. Because it affect the intellectual mind, fluorite quells strong emotions and smoothes thought over the angry sea of depression and desperation. 

Associations: None Noted Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month. Stone of Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces, fluorite symbolizes responsibility and obedience.





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