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Aventurine Quartz Mala
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Aventurine is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. A piece of Aventurine kept in a pocket or on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness. Aventurine may also be used to temper the shock or fear of the very young or very old being cared for in the hospital or away from home and family.

Aventurine is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. It also treats "pathological normality," an excessive desire to adapt one self to a group, even if it is sect-like, exaggerated militarism, a follow-the-leader attitude, or the compulsive desire to give in to general opinion to belong no matter the cost. 

As a travel stone, Green Aventurine prevents illness while on holiday, is beneficial for those traveling alone, and protects children and pets from straying or being hurt while on a journey. Green Aventurine also fosters chi, or Life Force energies, and is excellent for hiking, gardening or relaxing out of doors.

Green Aventurine is a crystal of love. It is supportive of new love, and increases trust worthiness and fidelity. It also inspires love later in life.

As a professional support stone, Aventurine aids doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and all healers in making practical diagnosis and in their applications. It is a support stone for educators, and Aventurine, carved in the form of a faith symbol, is uplifting to military personnel.

Aventurine pendants and necklaces protect against deception and authoritative abuse for financial or sexual gain. Aventurine signifies peace through strength, and is also helpful in homes or occupations that encounter bullying or intimidation from violent children or teens. 

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