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4" x 4" Pure Silver Plate Yantra
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Yantra is an instrument that converts energy into sound.

Different kinds of yantra produce different kind of sound that heals our aura.

With the help of sounds we can create yantra.

In the same manner yantras can create sounds also.

if we pronounce "om” sound it creates health yantra, means "om” sound help us to improve our health

But question arise where is the yantra?

Our mind draws a sketch with the help of sound and that sketch remains till its sound.

1. Yantra’s drawing, colour, place, material (metal or/and paper) should be perfect.It means colour, drawing, place and material is           very important for good yantra and its results.
2. Yantra science was not created yesterday; it was more than 1000 years old.
3. Yantra is the doors of energy.
4. Correct yantra and its placement can change your entire life.
5. Yantra shows or tells us boundaries are essential part of life.

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