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21/88 Citrine Rudraksha Mala 7.50 MM
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Description : Mala of small sized five mukhi beads of size 7.50 mm in thread embedded with fine quality  golden glass beads in traditional style, and tassel. Size similar to pepper corn size

Maybe used for putting around neck or Japa.

Rudraksha Bead size: 7.50 mm

Citrine Bead size: 6.50 mm

No. of beads(Rudraksha)- 87+1

No. of beads(Citrine):21

Length- 38 inches

Weight-25.190 Grams

Bead Distance By - Glass Bead 1.50 x 2.50 mm approx

Origin: Java

Thread and tassel may be altered to any colour of your choice. it’s not a compulsion.

Day of Wearing- Monday

Ruling God- Rudra

Who can use-Everyonecan use who wants its benefits.

Benefits- Five Mukhi Rudraksha is a benefit medicaltreatment for the blood pressure, heart problems, stress, mental disability, angermanagement, diabetics, piles, neurotic and maladjustment problems etc.

Astrological Benefits-In a horoscope of a native, there are 9 main planets. Each planethas its own nature and character. There are 12 houses in the horoscope. Thesnapshot of the situation of these 9 planets in 12 houses (at the time of birthof the native) is called a Horoscope. 12 houses of the horoscope represent different aspects of the life of the native. These houses contain different numbers from 1 to 12. These numbers represents different Signs (e.g. 1 represent Aries, 5 represents Leo and 12 represent Pisces). Each sign has the lord ship of particular planet (e.g. Aries, Leo and Pisces are under theLordship of planet Mars, Sun and Jupiter respectively). Now, in astrology someplanets are friends to each other, some planets are enemies to each other andsome planets are average to each other. When a planet is situated in the sign ofhis friend planet, he use to give good results related to that house and if aplanet is situated in the sign of his enemy planet, he use to causetribulations related to that house .In general, astrologers use to suggestgemstone the native to overcome the tribulations caused by the malefic planetsor to enhance the positive results given by the beneficial planet. But it isoften seen, that a particular gem doesn't suit the native and starts givingtribulations. But as the Rudrakshas are believed to be always beneficial, itcan be used for both kinds of planets, may it be benefic or malefic.

·        1 and 12 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related toplanet Sun.

·        2 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetMoon.

·        3 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetMars.

·        4 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetMercury.

·        5 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetJupiter.

·        6 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetVenus.

·        7 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetSaturn.

·        8 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetRahu.

·        9 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is related to planetKetu.


Meditational Benefits-Besides giving the user peace of mind, focus and concentrationRudrakasha beads prove to be a great help in curing physical illnesses. Theyare also said to have an anti ageing property. The rudraksha beads are found innumber of varieties according to the number of facets on their surface. Allthese varieties have different Electromagnetic properties and thus showdifferent effects. By wearing these beads one gets tranquility, peace of mind, focusand concentration. When worn around the neck they are said to control the bloodpressure, hypertension, insomnia etc. Sometimes they are very effective incuring ailments of fever, pain etc, when taken as an oral drug. People of allreligions, castes or creed can use these beads. There is no age or sex barfortheir use until they are used under certain precautions.


Medicinal Benefits-Rudrakasha beads have several amazing powers due to their electromagneticcharacter. This Electromagnetic character empowers the bead to cure the humanbody medically as well as spiritually. Electrical Properties: The human bodycan be considered as a complex Bio Electronic Circuit consisting of the wholeof Nervous System and all other organs residing inside the human body. Numberof Electrical impulses are generated by the human body due to different reflexactions taking place, continuous pumping of heart for blood circulation, neuronsand nervous system etc .The ability to send out subtle electrical impulses& Inductive vibrations and act as I electric as in a capacitor to storeelectrical energy. This is termed as Bioelectricity. All the work of our senseorgans depends on the subtle flow of Bio electricity current .Thus all theactions that our body performs are effectively controlled. The Bioelectriccurrent is produced due to the difference in the energy levels of different bodyparts. This smooth flow of Bio electric current causes the properly controlledfunctioning of the body parts. Bio Electric Circuit-There is a third element inthe Body and Brain called the Bio Electronic circuit Interface, that of themind.


Effect Time-After60 Days.


Power Recharge- Chant daily 108 times.


Process of Wearing
Process of Wearing
Important points which should be followed/remembered with wearing of Mala, these are listed below  

Energized / Pran Prathistha Mala from a Pandit (Brahmin ) in a Shiv temple & then wear your energized Mala for first time immediately after its Pran Prathistha Puja.
• Before you wear your energized Mala for first time make sure you follow the vidhi of saying the       mantras.
 • Mansik Jaap - Every time when you remove or wear your Mala (after its puja) say 
om namah-shivah minimum 3 times or 11 times . 
• The time of doing its Pran Prathistha puja & also at the time of wearing Energized Mala for the first time, do please refer to panchang. 
•It should be hidden below your clothes; Mala is not a object of fashion to display to everyone. 
• Mala needs special care & handling as it is the most very auspicious.
• Navratri , shivaratri , mahashivratri & eclipse are auspicious times to Wear (dharan ) Mala , there may  be some more however I am not aware of it.  
• If for some reason you are not able to wear (dharan) your Mala then keep it in a small box at puja place & offer daily namaskar with om-namah-shivah jaap. 
• Always buy Mala from your own money &  not other people's borrowed money, also same applies when you give dakshna to pandit ji after Mala Pran Prathistha, in case if you do borrow money then make sure you return that amount which you used for purpose of Mala .
• Get your Mala Re- Energized through its Pran Prathistha puja once every week.
• It is suggested that you have strong thread to place Mala in, or use multiple strands of thread to make it strong so that thread does not break off anytime & Mala does not fall to ground.
 • Mala should not be exchanged or interchanged after you wear (dharan) it. 
• Read more about Mala to increase your knowledge on it however also make sure you don’t get confused by reading from too many different sources. 
• It is suggested that brush that you use for cleaning Mala beads should be used only for 1 time use &
then disposed off, every time use a new clean small brush.
 • There are various amrit yog & siddhi yog timings displayed in jyotish magazines & panchang, if one wishes then one could follow these timings for Mala puja or wear Mala (for 1st time) during these times. 

• After  you come back from attending participating in some one's death funeral procession or
visiting the cemetery or cremation ground, then 1st thing you should do is take a complete water bath. Make sure you wet your head & forehead & neck regions thoroughly with water and then wear Mala. 
It’s Not a Compulsion it’s an Advice for better results 
•It is good to keep 1 or 2 bottles of Ganga Jal handy at home.
• By mistake you have touched your Mala with dirty hands then put some good amount of Ganga Jal on Mala & ask forgiveness from lord shiva.
 •Mala should be touch to lord shiva photo or shivling & then wear it. 
• Never touch Mala with dirty hands.
• Never touch Mala with pointer fingers.  










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