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05 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha
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The most common Rudraksha is five mukhi Rudraksha. A five mukhi Rudraksha have five natural lines from head to bottom. It is blessed by lord Shiva. According to Padma Puran wearer rules out over all types of living beings. This five mukhi is blessed by the five forms of Lord Shiva -- Saddyojat,Tatpurush, Aghor, Vamdev and Isshan. It gives protection from all kind of diseases and provide mental peace and happiness.
Its ruling planet is Jupiter. It is the form of Rudra named Kaalagni. This represents Lord Shiva, the symbol of auspiciousness. The wearer of five Mukhi mala gains health and peace. Five Mukhi Rudraksha monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments.
Five Mukhi mala is also used for Japa. By wearing the mala the wearer-s mind remains peaceful. There is no suspicion about the fact that the wearer of Five Faced Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death.
Malefic effect of Jupiter is considered to cause lack of peace of mind, utter poverty, lack of harmony, diseases of fat, Kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes etc. Five Mukhi is therefore suggested to sublimate the malefic effects of Jupiter.
Agni (fire) purifies the metals and similarly five faced Rudraksha rectifies all the vices and faults of Jeeva and makes him pure and Jeeva gains the form of Pashupati i.e.
the Lord of all creatures after becoming free from the animal instincts. By wearing its mala the wearer?s mind remains peaceful. A mala of five face Rudraksha is also worn. It keeps the blood pressure normal.
And the fear of untimely death disappears. If three beads of Five faced Rudraksha are dipped overnight in water in a glass and the water drank in the morning on empty stomach, then the person gets free from blood pressure and related illnesses.
• Symbol of : Lord Shiva
• Ruling Planet : Jupiter
• Ruling God : Lord Shiva
• Day of wearing : Monday
• Recommended for : Bone marrow, Liver, Kidney, Feet, Thigh, Ear, Diseases of Fat and Diabetes.
• Influence on body organ : All major chakra points.
• Properties : This Rudraksha removes the person from various sins committed through forbidden acts in case of eating or in sex life.
• People's experience : Wearing five mukhi Rudraksha avoid accidental death.

“Om Hreem Namah" (Shiva Puran)

"Om Hoom Hreem" (Padma Puran)

"Om Hreem Hoom Namah" (SkanPuran) "Mahamrityunjai Mantra" (Brahajjalopanishad)

"OM. Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat"

"Om Namah Shivaya”

Take three beads of 5 Faced Rudraksha equal to the size of Amla, and string in red thread. It should be worn after touching it to a Shivalinga and chanting the mantra.

It gives fame and mental peace. With respect to its medicinal values, it is widely used to control blood pressure and diabetes. It is also used for diseases of the ears, thighs and kidney.

Worn by any person looking for spirituality, good health and mental peace.
Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn.
Sikha (Crown Hair) = 1 
Wrists (both right & left) = 12/12 
Neck = 32 in 2 rows 
Ears (both right and left) = 6/6 S
Chest = 108 
Shoulders = 500 Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) = 108 

Epic Source Shiva Puran 
Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn 
Crown = 550 or 1,100 
Yajnopaveet = 360 (3 rows) & 120 each or 3 strings each of 108 beads
Sikha (Crown Hair) = 1 & 3 
Ears (both right & left) = 6/6 
Forearm (both right and left) = 11/11 or 16/16 or 24/24 
Karpoodvara = 11 
Wrists (both right and left) = 11/11 or 12/12 
Waist region = 5 
Fore Head = 30 or 40 Shoulders = 500
Heart (Chest) = 108 

Epic Source Rudrakshajabalnoanishad
Body parts /organsNumber of beads to be worn 
Wrist (both right and left) = 12/12 Yajnopaveet = 108 beadsShoulders = 15 Neck region = 2,3,5,&7 rows 
Waist = 300 ( mean ) , 5 0 0 (medium),1000 (best) 

Epic Source Nirunayasindhu
Body parts /organsNumber of beads to be worn 
Eyes (both right and left) = 4/4 
Neck region = 32 Forehead = 40 
Ears (both right and left) = 6/6 
Wrists (both right and left) = 12/12 Forearms (both right and left) = 16/16 Sikha (crown hair) = 1 
Heart (chest) = 108
Following Items Are Required For This Procedure : PanchGavya Gomeya (Dung of the cow), GoMootra, Milk, Curd, and Ghee. If these items are not available you can also make the Panchaamrit by mixing these products: Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey and Sugar. Make at least 100 ml. mixture (say about one cup). • Ganga Water • Bunch of Kusha or Grass or a clean Spoon • One empty vessel or a plate to keep the items of Pooja. • Insane (Dhoop and Agarbati) • Camphor and a lamp of Ghee • Sandal wood paste • Rice with the coating of Asth Gandha • Fresh fruits, Supaari, Paan, Clove, Coconut and Flowers of white color. • Shiva linga or photograph of Lord Shiva • Aasan (The seat made of Kusha or 12 Grass or blanket) The Rudraksha should be immersed in oil overnight. • Have bath in morning and sit on the Aasan facing East Direction. • Better to keep a Parad or Crystal made Shiv Lingha in front of you. • Keep all the pooja items near you. • Keep the container of Ganga water near you. • Wash the Rudraksha with PanchGaveya or Panchaamrit. • Keep the Rudraksha bead(s) in the plate. • Keep on empty vessel or plate near it to pore the Pooja items in it. • Lit the ghee lamp and insane. • Chant the Pachaakshari Mantra for 3 three times. “OM NAMAH SHIVAYE" Put some Ganga water drops on your body and the pooja items while chanting these mantras : “OM APAVITRAH PAVITRO VAA SARVAAVASTAAN GATOPIVA, YAH SMRET PUNDIRKAKSHAM SA BAAHAYAABHYAANTARAH SHUCHIAH" "OM GURU BHAYU NAMAH” “OM GANESHAYE NAMAH” “OM KULDEVTAABHAYO NAMAH” “OM ISHTDEVTAABHAYO NAMAH” “OM MATAPITRABHAYAAM NAMAH” Pore some Ganga Water using the bunch of Kusha or grass in your right palm and wash both your hands. Now again pore some ganga-water in your right palm and drink it while chanting these mantras: “OM KESHAVAAYE NAMAH” “OM NAARAAYANAAYE NAMAH” "OM MAADHAVAAYE NAMAH” Now again pore some ganga-water in your right palm and pore it on the earth near you while chanting these mantras : Now keep the index finger on your nose and perform the Praanaayaama and chant these mantras : “OM PRAANAAVAASYA PARBRAHMHA RISHIH PARMAATAMA DEVTA DEVI GAAYATRI CHHANDAH PRAANAAYAMI VINIYOGAH” Put some Ganga water drops on the Rudraksha Bead(s) using the bunch of Kusha or grass and chant these mantras : “Om Sadyojaatam Prapadyaami Sadyojataajava Namah, Bhave Bhavenaati Bhave Bhavasvamaam BhavodbhavayNamah” After this a sandalwood paste on beads chanting the following Vaamdev Mantra : “Om Vamdevaya Namo Jyeshthaay Namah Shreshthay, Namo Rudraay Namah Kaalay Namah Kala, Vikarannaay Namo Bal Vikaranaay Namo Balaay, Namo Bala Pramathanaay Namo Sarva Bhoot, Damanaay Namo Manomanaay Namah” Next the following Aghor Mantra is chanted while offering incense (agarbati/dhoop) : “Om Aghorebhyo Ghorebhyo Ghor Ghor Tarebhaya, Sarvebhya Sarva Sharvvebhyo Namaste Astu Rudra Roopebhyah” After this the Rudraksha are smearedwith saffron chanting the following Tatpurush Mantra : “Om Tatpurushaay Vidmahe Mahadevaay Dheemahi, Tanno Rudrah Prachodayaat” Next the following Eeshaan Mantra is chanted on each bead : “Om Eeshaanah Sarvavidyaanam Eeshwar, Sarvabhootaanaam Brahmaadipati Brahmanaadhipati Brahma Shivome Astu Sadaa Shivom” Then the Specified mantra for each Mukhi Rudraksha is chanted on that bead.These should be worn on any monday morning after touching with shivlinga. “Om Namah Shivaye” After this Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is chanted nine times:
Rudraksha is regarded as medicine in Ayurveda. It is used not only to wear on different parts of the body, but it can also be used as Oral medicine. Many doctors, Vaidyas, scientists use it. It is the destroyer of worms and it gives brilliancy to the body. It pacifies Vaat (air), Pitta (bile) and cough automatically. It is also useful for women in pregnancy. Rudraksha Paste is a good medicine for skin diseases. In leprosy of both the kinds it can be used. It effects as a medicine to cure sores, ringworm, pimples, boils and it is useful in burns also. Among all the Rudraksha each type of Rudraksha possesses Medical Properties which is explained as : FIVE MUKHI RUDRAKSHA : Five Mukhi Rudraksha is a benefit medical treatment for the blood pressure, heart problems, stress, mental disability, anger management, diabetics, piles, neurotic and maladjustment problems etc. RUDRAKSHA : A BEAUTY AID For dark circles For a fresh and glowing skin For clean and clear skin Make a paste of rudraksha by rubbing on hard surface or make the powder of rudraksha and mix it with water till it become a thick paste, add some drops of fresh lime and tulsi and then apply on the affected parts. For a fresh and glowing skin Mix rudraksha and manjeestha powder with honey and ghee made up of cow's milkand apply the pack on the face andrubb it for few minutes to addglow to the face. For clean and clear skin Prepare a paste of rudraksha with red sandalwood, leaves of chametli and leaves of vatvraksha and appy it on the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes till it dry and then wash the face with luke warm water. For any type of skin disorder like ring worm, eczema etc For removing wrinkles For burns Apply paste made out of five mukhi beads mixed with cow dung in water (preferably Ganga jal) and apply over the affected areas. For removing wrinkles Prepare a paste of eight mukhi rudraksha and powder of almond seed in rose water, apply it on the face and leave it for an hour. Wash the face without using soap. It add glow and make the face wrinklefree. For burns Mix rudraksha with coconut oil and apply it on the affected area. It will give cooling sensation to the affected area. Or Mix powder of rudraksha, sandalwood and giloy in limestone water and add equal quantity of coconut oil and apply this paste on the burnt area. Rudraksha for hair Rudraksha water For controlling premature graying of hair, a paste of rudraksha, iron powder, black soil and bringraj and add sugar cane juice. Bury this preparation in a pot in the soil for about one month and then take it out and then apply it on the hair three or four times a day. In with in three to four months it will give back natural colour of hair and help in its growth. Rudraksha water Immerse three to five beads of rudraksha in one liter of water in earthen or copper pot for about 20 hours. Decant the water, allow the beads to dry for two to three hours and again put them back in the water for 20 hours. Remove the beads thereafter. Drinking this water daily basis will help control blood pressure and is good for heart ailments. The same beads can be used upto one year. This water is also effective for ·Headache or migraine (put a few drops in the ears) ·Any external infection or wound (apply this water locally and drink it regularly) ·Cold and cough (put few drops in nose) ·Eye diseases (put few drops of this clean water in the eyes) Note: It is requested that before using these methods please consult any expert, priest, vaidya or any doctor. AYURVEDIC PROPERTIES OF RUDRAKSHA The bead of Rudraksha has ayurvedic qualities. Each Rudraksha have some preventive and curative medicinal value. The beads of Rudraksha, its bark leaves and outer shell of the beads all are used to cure various ailments like mental disorders, headache, fever skin diseases,and also to heal the wounds. Wearing and worshipping Rudraksha is beneficial to the nervous system, it controls blood pressure, paves towards mental stability, removal of stress and helps one to retain healthy body. For medicinal usage it s weared by stringing it in a metal wire that may be of gold, copper, silver or of panch dhatu (copper, bronze, gold, lead and silver) Rudraksha may be worn either on wrist, arm or other parts of the body. It be worn around waist to open chakras and to control internal energies. Oral application of Rudraksha : Note: It is requested that before using these methods please consult any expert, priest, vaidya or any doctor. As Blood purifier and general tonic Take one part of Rudraksha and six part of water (ratio 1:6). Boil the water. CrushRudraksha and put it in boiling water and stir regularly untill it becomes one forth in volume, remove it from fire and use it as quath. Regularly consumption along with honey purifies blood and act as general tonic. Curing breathing problems or cough Take harad, adusa's bark and Rudraksha beads in equal proportion. Put all into water. Water will be three times more than the ingredients and boil them to make quath . This quath is taken with honey and it cures breathing problems, cough and general weakness. For Sleep For better sleep put some Rudrakshas under your pillow. Apply the paste of this bead in the milk on the eye lid for getting good sleep. For Chicken Pox or Small Pox For Burn Pox Pox is pacified by taking jaggery soaked in jambira [Citrus lemon (Linn.) Burn. f.] juice or 3 - 5gm powdered Rudraksha seeds with cow's milk in the morning. - Vaidyamanorama, 11. 19. OR In Chechak (typhus) Rudraksha and black pepper in equal weight should be ground and sieved through a cloth-sieve. This powder should be drunk with stale water to cure chechak. For Burn Pox or Marks Burn or pox marks on face can be treated by using the five-faced Rudraksha. Rub and make a paste of five-faced Rudraksha on clean surface and apply on these marks. For the treatment to be effective, the marks should not be older than a year. Controling Epilepsy Use the pulp of Rudraksha fruit or bark of the tree or the bead itself and make the powder. Curing Piles Use the powder made from Rudraksha bead, triphala churna and guggul in the ratio of 1:4:4. And take orally with water or dissolve it in a cup full of water and take it. OR Prepare a paste out of root of kaneer and Rudraksha in the ratio of 4:1 combination and apply it locally. OR Take Rudraksha and Triphala in 1:4 ratio and prepare a paste . Mix this with honey and apply locally. For curing Jaundice, stomach ache or liver related problems Take Rudraksha, devdaru, chitrak, harad, daruhaldi, giloy, punarnava and dharangi in equal quantities and the make a quath of it and consume regularly. For poisonous effects caused by bites of insects etc. Take Rudraksha and the root of kakoda in 1:4 ratios and use one liter of water in making quath. Allow that ninety percent of water get evaporated. Now consume one spoon of quath with twice spoon of ghee made up of cow's milk regularly. OR For poisonous insects bite apply the Rudraksha paste with lemon juice For improving memory power Boil four or six mukhi Rudraksha in milk and take it regularly for a month. It should improve memory power. For improving Sexual Power Make a paste of Rudraksha by rubbing it on any clean hard surface and apply it over the forehead. For Blood Pressure For High Blood Pressure For conceiving baby To have normal Blood pressure, keep some clean 5 mukhi Rudrakshas in a glass (or a copper pot) filled with water throughout the night and drink the water in the morning after getting up. For High Blood Pressure For high blood pressure consume Rudraksha with cream, curd or milk. OR Put 6 mukhi Rudraksha in a glass of 3 ounces of plain water; add 7 peppers, 7 tulsi leaves, 1 lavang and a badi elaichi. After 5 hours get this mixture filtered and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Consume this water atleast two months. This is a sure shot for curing H. B. P. (high blood pressure) For conceiving baby Only one piece of Rudraksa and one karsa(10 gm) of Sarpa'kshi (Ophiorrhiza mungos) should be cooked together and pounded in the milk of one colored cow. This, taken during the menstrual period would make even a sterile woman conceive - Damara Tantra Heaviness Toungue cracks and tasteless Rudraksha decoction gargling is said to be very effective in heaviness, tongue cracks and tastelessness. For all brain disease Take a big sized four-faced Rudraksha. Put it in a vessel containing about one litre of pure cow's milk; Boil it for about ten minutes. After cooling the milk to lukeworm temperature, drink this milk on an empty stomach and do not consume anything for another half an hour. Continue this for 21 days. All brain diseases get cured. For Brain fever In cases of brain fever, put in an earthen pot four to five beads of rudraksh with water andkeep it overnight. Consume this water early morning on an empty stomach. Do this for 40 days. MYTHS ABOUT RUDRAKSHA Some Common My ths About Rudraksha Beads. Myth 1: - Rudraksha should not be worn by ladies. Myth 2: - One should not consume alcohol & non-veg or have sex at the time of wearing Rudraksha. Myth 3: - Original Rudraksha sinks in water whereas the duplicate one floats. Myth 4: - Nothing happens to original Rudraksha on boiling whereas a duplicate Rudraksha breaks. Myth 5: - Three round 1 mukhi Rudrakshas are produced every year in Nepal. Myth 6: - Original Rudraksha has a shivalingam, trishul & Om formation on it. Myth 7: - Nepalese Rudrakshas are original & effective rests all the Rudraksha from different countries are duplicate & ineffective. Myth 8: - If one does not follow restrictions & rules while wearing Rudraksha it would cause adverse & harmful effects. Myth 9: - Collector Rudraksha are sold at premium prices which basically are not collector. ….Beware Myth 10: Clients believe more the expensive more it is original.
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